Download Instander (MOD, Many Feature) free on Android


Instagram is used by everyone, young and old. The global social media network Instander apk can be found here. This social media platform offers entertainment. You can view the daily posts from any celebrity you choose. Here you can chat with and follow your friends.

This app, like every social media platform, lacks certain features. Insta Mod, an app similar to Instagram, was created by app developers. It can also be called the mod version of Instagram.

What is the Instander Apk?

You can’t download the uploaded video or the photo in the normal version. InstaPro Apk can be used to modify Instagram. It offers many features that the official version of Instagram does not offer. It was designed with Instagram’s limited capabilities as a focus. It’s the same as Insta but with better features. It allows you to download any photo or video without the need for a downloader. You will also find stickers and fonts that you can use to create the story. All this information is included in the official version.

Instander is better than Instagram.

Instagram isn’t a platform that offers many features, as you know. It doesn’t offer the most essential features, such as the ability to see friends’ dps and other important ones. Instanter can help you solve all of these problems and provide a better user experience. Instanter offers many unique features that no other app can offer. This app allows you to download any video, photo reel, story and many other features directly from the app.

You don’t need another app to access this content or any other website. Although many people might think this app could ban our official account, it is completely safe and secure. Just download the app and start enjoying Instagram’s best version.

Instander Apk Features

Instanter apk, a social media platform that is similar to Instagram, can be downloaded. It offers many features. We’ll tell you all about its features.

Download video or pictures

Insta is a large network for photo and video sharing. You will find all kinds of videos on this site. You will also find many statuses and memes on this site. The downside to the Instagram app is that it cannot be used to directly download photos or videos. You will need to download a video downloading program. The advertisements that appear on the app are very annoying.

If you have an install, you can download any video easily. Make sure that the download icon appears below any video you view. Click on the icon to save that video forever.

Hide stories from the list

To protect my privacy and prevent unwelcome snoopers, sometimes I hide my stories from people who I do not think can properly handle my posted content. The Instander app allows you to hide any images or videos (including live videos) that you wish to broadcast on your stories. As long as the content is consistent with the terms of service, you can now upload whatever content you like. Now you can enjoy creating posts and watching the selected few view them.

Archive the story

You can turn this feature on if you don’t have enough storage on your device to download or keep more photos and movies. This will save your photos and films to your archive so that you don’t have to look at them on your phone. These photos will not be accessible to anyone else because you only have access to your account via a password.

Live video can be saved to an archive – Your live videos can be saved to your archives for as long as 30 days. Only you will have access to them.

Allow messages to be replied to

All of us have met those “haters” who are eager to comment on every post to share their hateful opinions. I am aware that I have these and other problems. There is no way to get around the negative vibes of such a person on InstanderInsta Thunder</a>. It can be used to download any photo or video that has been uploaded without the need for a downloader.


You’ll notice certain sponsored ads as you scroll through your Instagram++ APK feed. These adverts can be image or video ads that consume your data as you watch and play them. The Instander Android app allows you to focus on your feed and removes all ads. In the privacy settings, you can disable advertising.


If you wish to make your followers and friends a bit more mysterious, you can adjust a few settings in the “Ghost Mode” function. To prevent others from reading what you are typing, you can disable typing status. This is very useful for sending dangerous text messages, if you understand what I mean.

The Instander app allows you to keep your identity private while watching other people’s stories. You can hide your viewing activity so that other people won’t see it.

You can also be the type who doesn’t reply immediately to a message, and doesn’t want people offended by leaving them on hold. The ‘Don’t mark directly as read’ feature allows you to read someone’s message and then close the app.


My followers may share my IGTV videos or feed posts without my permission on my stories. However, this does not apply to all my posts. This is why InstaAero APK’s amazing function is so appealing to me. If you disable this function, others won’t have access to your feed posts in their stories. This function can be turned on or off at any moment. You can also send photos and videos from your story to others as messages.

You can also choose to have your Instagram stories photos and videos published immediately to your Facebook Story, where they will be accessible to your Facebook friends.


This mod of Insta is available. Insta has a limited amount of features. This mod version was created to address this limitation. It has many advanced features. This article will tell you all about its features. This app is very intriguing. This app allows you to save any video you want on your phone. This is not possible in the official version. Because it’s so amazing, this app is more popular than Insta.