Different Types of Pests and their Dangers

If there’s one thing that homeowners dread the most, it’s the infestation of pests. In Delta, there are a number of pests that can infest a home and cause numerous problems for homeowners.

Some of the most common ones and dangers associated with them include:


One of the most common forms of pest infestation, ants can seriously impact your home and health. There are different types of ants that can infest a home. These include carpenter ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants. They differ in terms of size, colour and the places they are more common to be found.

Ants can contaminate your food, which can lead to outbreaks of diseases since they often carry germs and bacteria with them. And once those bacteria and germs get mixed with your food, it can lead to ailments.

Also, an ant infestation can result in property damage. Carpenter ants, in particular, can cause significant damage to the wooden structures, if not properly taken care of at the right time.

Not many people know about the fact that ant infestation can become a source for infestation of other pests. This is due to the fact that various other pests feed on ants. So, in search of their food i.e. ant, they can make way towards your home and make it their abode.


The sight of rats roaming around in a home is certainly not a pleasant one. It can seriously impact the value of a home.

Like ants, there are different types of rats that infest a home. Most common among them are woodrats, roof rats and Norway rats. Usually, rats make their dwelling in those parts of a home that are not properly cleaned and frequently used. Therefore, you will mostly find them in the attic or basement. Even those cabinets of your kitchen you don’t regularly use, they can also become a living space for rats.

Not taking care of a rat infestation situation can result in great damage since they reproduce at a rapid pace. Some common signs of a rat infestation include droppings, foul odour, gnawed holes, scratchy noise coming from unattended places, etc.

Rats can also cause damage to your property, apart from spreading diseases. Thus, hiring rat control services should be your ultimate priority.


Canada is home to more than 22 types of squirrels. While they are mostly found in green areas, in some cases, they make your home their dwelling as well. They are seemingly adorable creatures but expect them to create havoc in your home.

Like ants and rats, squirrels can also damage your property to a great extent and spread diseases. Furthermore, they can also cause drainage and insulation problems.

Flying, gray and red squirrels are common types of squirrels that usually infest residential properties in Surrey, BC. They usually enter a home through the attic and create their nest in a quiet corner.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny creatures but the problems they pose are certainly not small. They can make it difficult for the person to have a sound and restorative sleep. They cause great annoyance and irritation. In some cases, the presence of bed bugs can result in the spread of an infection as well. Also, some people may develop allergic reactions to them.

Most importantly, you won’t get quality sleep. The lack of sleep can have a great impact on your health. You will frequently wake up with a headache, which will affect your productivity at work or studies. Also, it can result in stress as well.

Bed bug infestation, if not properly taken care of, can spread to other parts of your room i.e. sofas and wardrobe as well. Therefore, hiring bed bug control in delta services at the right time is highly recommended.


Wasps infestation is no less than a nightmare for every homeowner. These stingy creatures, when they infest a home, can create a lot of problems. First of all, there’s a danger of wasps stinging you, your kids or your pets. This can be very painful.

Other than that, wasps can result in the devaluation of your home. If you are planning to sell it, the frequent sighting of wasps in and around your property wouldn’t allow it to sell it a higher rate.

Final Thoughts

A pest infestation, no matter what the type, is a serious condition and should be dealt with proper care. The best advice would be to hire experienced pest exterminators and let them handle the situation in a professional way.