Differences between Bamboo Rice versus Basmati Rice

Bamboo Rice

Moong Arisi or Bamboo Rice grains are actually the seeds of the Bamboo that are conveyed during an enormous highest point of a dying bamboo shoot. These seeds are conveyed by the Bamboo simply a solitary time close to the completion of its future, which is wherever someplace in the scope between 40 and 120 years.

Standard use of Bamboo Rice is known to reduce joint desolations and give assistance from rheumatoid joint agony. It decreases sugar levels and is well off in malignant growth avoidance specialists. Bamboo Rice conveys second energy since it is stacked with supplements – it is high in protein content, supplements, minerals, calcium, fiber, iron, and phosphorus.


Basmati is rice for blissful occasions. Predominantly filled in India, Nepal, and Pakistan, basmati is that ideal rice collection you truly need to polish off your festivals. While basmati is known to fortify your taste buds, what’s not usually discussed are the clinical benefits of basmati. We have inspected a piece of those benefits here.

Differences between Basmati Rice and Bamboo Rice

As a glaring contrast to the long-grained Basmati Rice, the Bamboo Rice is short-grained.

Bamboo Rice has the least Glycemic Index (~20) among all rice combinations. Basmati Rice in a relationship has a Glycemic Index during the 50s subsequently pursuing Bamboo Rice is a superior decision over Basmati Rice, especially for diabetics.

While the Basmati rice is surprisingly sweet-smelling, demands as you would favor buds, and is open successfully in a store near you, the Bamboo Rice is stacked with clinical benefits and is more equipped for sushi and baked goods.

One could need to get an inclination for the Bamboo Rice as the Bamboo Rice is crude when cooked and chewy when consumed when diverged from the Basmati Rice which is shown to invigorate your resources. It would be truly brilliant then to combine both these rice groupings in your feeling of taste – Basmati rice for the Pulao and the Fried Rice and the Bamboo Rice for the sushi and the puddings.

The Basmati Rice is a bright celebration for your resources – ostensibly charming with a captivating scent and a great taste. A splendidly strong decision when consumed with some restriction. On the other hand, Bamboo Rice is a once during time produced from the unassuming bamboo, which is the explanation it packs in such a solid punch in every single grain. The Tribal society knew the value of Bamboo Rice all along and the benefits it offers that may be valuable. It is time we make this superfood a crucial piece of the menu on our devouring table! 

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