Custom Kychains: Here’s a great way to advertise your company

Custom keychains are a great way to advertise your company and this is primarily due to their practicality and usefulness, but not only. Today they exist in all shapes and colors and the objects in question can be distributed to large sections of the population. In fact, everyone uses them and finds them useful. In addition to this, however, other details can be indicated, such as those concerning the more original models.

Custom Keychains: That’s why they’re a perfect way to advertise your business

A custom keychain represents an optimal solution to be able to sponsor your business activity in the best possible way. The reasons are many and to understand them all the advantages related to these small but so useful objects must be considered. A positive aspect concerns precisely the fact relating to the aforementioned utility: In fact, they allow one to distinguish one set of keys from another and for this reason, everyone uses them. Therefore, by focusing on such a type of advertising, it becomes very simple to distribute them. In fact, many will be happy to receive and / or buy objects with particular shapes and colors that they can easily insert between their keys.

Among other things, these are often elements that are not bulky at all and for this reason, they can be taken anywhere, not just between one key and another. In fact, an original alternative is the one that sees them hanging on bags and backpacks, to make them even more personalized. Then also think of the advantageous factor of decoration, not only that of personalization: your bouquet or bag will be even more decorated, thanks to the presence of the key ring.

Custom Keychain and Company Logo

It must also be considered that every person who will have the object in question and carry it around, will unwittingly promote the company logo, because others will see it and therefore this will be positive for the image of the company.

Precisely because of all these reasons, advertising your company becomes not only simpler, but also more immediate. In fact, the message, or rather the name of the company brand, will arrive more directly to the person who will use the keychain. The latter can also be distributed during congresses, fairs, but also during theme parties, sold to other retailers, shops, entered into prize competitions, and so on. The ideas that can be used to exploit them are therefore also varied, just as the existing types are very varied and on which it is good to deepen the discussion.

The different types of custom keychain and why they like them so much

There is a huge range of keychain models and some are simple, while others allow you to satisfy even the most particular tastes. To cite a few examples, there are those who even have a Bluetooth key locator. Which will no doubt amaze those who use them, but there are also those with flashlights. The latter proved to be very practical on several occasions.

Alternatively, there are those of more classic shape, such as rectangular ones or those ending with a circular base, in which the company logo can be engraved.

Types, Color and Shapes

In addition to this, obviously there are types of many shapes and colors, as they can represent the company in a symbolic way. For example, if you work in the construction industry, a keychain in the shape of a reflective vest can be an original idea for advertising. Alternatively, there are also others with unique shapes, such as cork stoppers, ideal for those who work in the wine field. Others can depict a house and also the materials vary: not only steel, but also wood. Those who want to sponsor the company therefore have many different variants available and can opt for an elegant model or a simpler one. There are also key rings that can be useful for performing some actions, such as the one that also doubles as a bottle opener, but not only. Rich in practicality, for example, it can be the one with micro USB and IOS connector.

Custom Keychain and business

All these objects will undoubtedly be very useful for sponsoring your business, also because many people like key rings. The latter are in fact exploited a lot because, as mentioned, they allow you to make even more personal not only the bunches of keys, but also your bags and backpacks. In addition, many even consider them as good luck charms, especially if they take on special shapes, such as those in the shape of a heart or a horseshoe, for example.

As we have seen, it can therefore be said that a type of advertising based on the distribution of such elements can certainly be of great help for the promotion of one’s company. For this reason, many professionals opt for this simple, practical, original and convenient idea.

The Latest Generation Smart Custom Keychains

This is the typical case of the so-called locator keychain, which can be useful for finding the keys or, perhaps, your parked car thanks to a small GPS. How many times do you fail to remember where the keys were placed , the exact spot where you parked your car? Today all of this can be overcome thanks to a smart keychain that works with or without the presence of an app.

In general, there is a sector that, in particular, has always made use of key rings as an advertising vehicle: the corporate sector. The tool in question is that of a custom keychain, therefore key rings that are ‘branded’ with a brand or with a promotional message referring to your business.


A Custom keychain is a flexible gadget that can be easily adapted to any product sector or event. The shape in this discourse plays a fundamental role: for example for safety events you can use key rings in the shape of a helmet or vest, or widely used by large organized distribution chains there are key rings that contain the token for the trolley, but the variety of forms is not limited to the few cases described. Another element of choice when selecting a custom keychain is the material. The cheapest are in plastic, but there are all types, in fabric, metal, rubber … As with many categories of gadgets there are also precious versions: it is not unusual to find silver keychains, but there are also versions embellished with precious stones or even those in gold.