Buyer’s Guide of Best industrial sewing machine 2021

Are you confused when it comes to dressmaking level up? Now and then, we have to upgrade the sewing tech to gain more features. It automatically improves our dressmaking projects and practice. Do you know what the best industrial sewing machine of 2021 is? Well, we can help you out with that…

Things to consider choosing the best commercial sewing machine

Necessity –                           

When you are about to buy new machinery, first ask yourself “Do you need it?” we know that you are on this article is because your product has broken down to the extent of replacement. We suggest you go for the domestic ones. These are easy to operate and functioning well for home tailoring.

However, if you are running a house business or managing a fashion dressmaking shop, you need an advanced industrial appliance.

Space –      

As mentioned in the name, these are heavy and takes up a lot of space. Moreover, they require a large specified table to store the power-house tech. so before you go to stop or order one, estimate the size of the product and how much area it will occupy. Then you have to compare it to your available working area. 

Price –      

If you have a little knowledge of domestic and factory appliances, then you know that the factory ones are quite expensive for households. Since they are high-tech and make to professional standards, the features come with a price.

Next, it depends on you which kind of featured machinery you need. Below the article, we have mentioned some top featured ones to make the decision easier.

Large projects –

The high-tech engineered appliances are designed to handle the bigger task in the high range. Therefore, you can’t use one for different styles and tasks. All of these come with specialties that are not present in others.

Brand –

Popular engineered products don’t serve the same facilities that come with beginner-level appliances. So, always complete the research on the things you buy and on their maker too. Therefore, we have listed some top brands to choose from.

4 best industrial sewing machines to buy in 2021

1. Juki DDL-8700

The server motor has been made in a way to save energy. Also, the Juki DDL-8700 is kind of a nifty piece of kit. This appliance doesn’t make a lot of noise as compared to other factory machinery.  Before you invest in this one, first take a look at its features for better estimation.

  • High-speed stitching – up to 5,500 rpm
  • Lift the presser feet by hand or knee (to facilitate your hand)
  • Self-oiling        
  • Straight stitch and reverse
  • Stitch length: up to 5mm
  • Silent servo motor – low vibration, low noise
  • Energy Saving
  • Speed adjustable
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Best for Speed

2. Singer Heavy duty 4423

Even though on a technical basis, singer heavy duty 4423 is not a factory product. However, we have included it due to its advanced features and efficiency in leather stitching. Moreover, it is still a good option when it comes to a strict budget.

  • The maximum speed of 1,100 stitches per minute
  • Heavy-duty metal frame and power to sew through heavyweight fabric
  • Comes with 25-year limited warranty
  • Buy now from eBay, Amazon

Best for budget

3. Janome HD9

Janome HD9 is the perfect match for leather, vinyl, and handling upholstery fabric. It is one of Janome’s professional series. Since the money you will spend on it is worthy as this appliance is sturdy and works well on professional and runway projects.

If you are looking for handling runway dressmaking projects, home furnishings, and bridal wear, check out this beauty.

  • Sewing speed 1,600 stitches per minute
  • Straight stitch machinery
  • Aluminum body          
  • Darn length – 1 to 8mm (5-16 darns per inch)
  • Industrial sized bobbin holder
  • Heavyweight thread guide
  • New “Liquid response” tension system
  • Extra-Large 225 x 140mm work area

Best for: Large projects  

4. Janome Horizon MC14000           

  • Large 280mm working space
  • Long free arm – almost 260mm       
  • The height of the darning area is 150mm
  • Ideal for larger projects like curtains and quilts
  • 10 bright white LED lights in 5 locations
  • Acu-View Magnifier
  • Full-color LCD touch screen
  • Stitching speed is up to 1060 spm
  • Embroidery speed is up to 1000 spm
  • 400 built-in stitches
  • 13 different styles of buttonholes, 4 monogramming fonts
  • Knee lifter
  • Finest for free motion quilting
  • 350 built-in embroidery designs, 11 fonts

Best for: quilts, curtains, embroidery