Buy hoverboards – What do good models cost?

If you want to buy a hoverboard online, you will find models in all price categories. However, blue hoverboards we would only tend to buy from a price of at least 200 €. The price of the board usually depends on the manufacturer (no-name or branded product), its certifications (CE seal, TÜV tested, etc.) and the quality of the installed components. Especially with the battery you should pay great attention to a well-known manufacturer, such as .B. Samsung, and make no compromises here. The size and design of the model also contributes to pricing.

Hoverboards Test

Beware of hoverboard tests on the Internet. Many websites have not tested the hoverboards. You can often recognize a real hoverboard review by the photos or your own videos that show the device in use. Tretroller-Magazin has also not had any hoverboards in the test today. As soon as Stiftung Warentest tests hoverboards will report on it here, we also place our trust in Öktotest and the seals of approval.

That’s why cheap hoverboards are dangerous

In the past, NoName hoverboards or cheap goods from the Far East were often criticized.

When charging, overheating batteries that start to burn

Batteries that exploded while charging

Devices that switch off while driving, in which the wheels suddenly lock

In order to protect yourself from a dangerous wrong purchase, you should therefore pay attention to a branded battery, read through some hoverboard reviews and pay attention to a TÜV seal. Bad batteries are a game with fire!

Even the correct handling, especially in winter, protects against a battery fire. A hoverboard should be fully charged at least once a month. This is how you avoid,

Here is an incomplete list of manufacturers who rely on branded batteries (e.B. from Samsung):

Alien Board





Admission in Germany

The basic requirement for participation in road traffic and the use of public roads is an approval by the road traffic authority. And here is currently a big problem with the use of the “Mini Segways”. Hoverboards can travel faster than 6 km/h and therefore require approval. However, this has not yet been granted.

Models that drive faster than 15 km/h also require a driver’s license. Since the definition of the boards in consideration of the vehicle category has not yet been conclusively clarified, the following motorcycle classes are considered: AM, A1, A2, A and B. The minimum requirement would then be a moped driving license.

Owners of a category B driving licence would then be allowed to drive these devices, best electric skateboards but the devices themselves – as mentioned at the beginning – have not yet been approved. The Ministry of Transport has been examining for some time how to deal with the new means of transport. E-scooters, mono wheels and city scooters with electric drive are also affected by the legislation. Only for the Segway there is recently the possibility to participate in road traffic without exceptional procedures.

The vehicles with micro drive create a clear advantage, especially in large cities. They facilitate the decision to leave the car at home or to bridge the so-called last mile (e.B. from the outside parking lot or the bus stop to the workplace) quickly and effortlessly. As a result, they relieve inner-city traffic and reduce exhaust gases. If only they were allowed. Strictly speaking, they have so far only been permitted on private grounds and play streets.