Best TV Brand: Everything you need to know about the Panasonic TVs

Panasonic is one of the biggest consumer electronics manufacturers from Japan, a country known for its gold-standard quality. Panasonic offers a wide range of OLED and LED TVs, a safe and reliable option for those who wish to experience the premium features of television within an affordable price range. Let’s take a look at how Panasonic TV are getting hugely popular among buyers in the past two years:

HCX Pro AI Processor

The HCX Pro AI Processor is capable of identifying in real-time what content is playing by analysing the image every second. Within the AI processing enclave of this processor, it examines the content against a library of types of content that it has learned so that it is in a position to automatically optimise the quality of sound and image for the particular kind of content. For instance, if the Panasonic TV senses that you’re watching football, it will adjust the quality of the video so that the field appears more real and the players appear more realistic, at the same time, it will automatically alter the sound to give you an impression as if you’re in the stadium.

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Game Mode Extreme Mode Extreme

Game Mode Extreme signifies that the latest Panasonic TVs with 4K are set for action with stunning graphics for gaming. The brand assured support for HFR 120Hz, and the latest HDMI 2.1 offers HD Frame Rate (HFRandth Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) required by the latest gaming consoles. These Panasonic TVs offers realistic and smooth gaming with less noise and less tearing. It is perfect for gamers who are passionate about using newer consoles and PC graphics cards. The game mode is automatically chosen as you switch on the gaming console (Requires ALLM connection). This reduces input lag which means that the screen reacts instantaneously at your command and takes you away from your couch into the realm of gaming.

Fast, intense gaming with minimal input lag, the latest low latency mode lets you concentrate on the game while enjoying fantastic image quality. The action on-screen responds instantly to commands meaning you’ll never miss the shot to be the winner.

These latest Panasonic TV lets you have a smooth, fast and uninterrupted gaming experience with the latest levels of realistic gaming performance required by the most advanced gaming equipment.

Filmmaker Mode

This is not just a mode but a pledge to protect the director’s vision on your TV. Filmmaker Mode is the work of the UHD Alliance – an industry level association that includes Panasonic, Dolby, LG, Samsung, Netflix and Warner Bros, created in conjunction with Hollywood studios and filmmakers. When activated, it will present the cinematic experience as planned by the director.

Panasonic TV’s filmmaker mode will override a TV’s processing system (such as the enhancement of details and motion smoothing) and make sure that the proper colour, aspect ratio and frame speed specified from the creator(s) are preserved and displayed to the user.

Dolby Vision IQ

Dolby Vision IQ offers brighter images, sharper contrasts and a richer colour palette. The images look so realistic that you’re left wondering if you’re still on the television screen. The Dolby Vision IQ enables the Panasonic TV screens to preserve the stunning Dolby Vision images in the way that was imagined by the director during the filming process.

The Dolby Vision IQ lets the films or contents be adapted into Dolby Vision as per the viewing conditions on a TV screen. The latest Panasonic TV comes with ambient light sensors, which allow the image to adjust to the lighting of your living space. You can stream a movie with Dolby Vision IQ in bright lighting conditions or on a screen that is closer to the window without any issues. Panasonic TV will always provide the same quality and is an essential step in allowing you to watch the series and films in the best possible way, thanks to the Dolby Vision IQ.

Panasonic definitely offers a perfect blend of peppy sound with fantastic picture quality at an attractive price range. LG OLED TVs used to be the best in the market, but Panasonic recently snatched that crown away with the launch of their latest Panasonic TVs with the phenomenal display quality.

Panasonic was one of the preferred brands thanks to their Vierra series, but their growth got halted by the entry of new players like Mi, TCL, Vu, etc. Over the past two years, Panasonic has been on a quest to reclaim its past glory and looking at the success of its new OLED and LED TVs, it is safe to say that the Japanese manufacturer is on the right track.

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