Best Top 10 OTT Streaming Services

There are many video platforms on the market. However, very few top the list due to their niche services or wide variety of OTT delivery options. OTT streaming is the main focus at present.

Let’s take a look below at them.

OTT Service #1 – Netflix

You can stream unlimited movies, TV shows, and many other content.

With more than 15,000 titles, it is considered one of the most popular On-Demand streaming services on the internet.

Netflix is the largest OTT provider in America, with 35% of global OTT streaming shares. There are many series and films available in high-quality video quality, from originals to anime.

Netflix is a streaming service that was created in the early days of streaming technology. It offers unlimited streaming, ad-free streaming, and three pricing plans. Netflix has a huge library of original and On Demand video content that is available on a wide range of OTT devices.

  • High-Quality Video Quality
  • Exclusive Anime
  • Availability on a greater number of OTT devices
  • Wide Library of Contents

OTT Service #2 – Disney+

Live Sports, Movies, and TV Shows

Source: hotstar.com

The Walt Disney Company owns an over-the-top video streaming company that provides access to movies and TV series as well as programs from Marvel, Star Wars and Disney.

It is well-known for its memorable cartoons. The streaming service has more than 7500 video content types, including animated and feature films. Disney+ allows unlimited access to premium streaming that is ad-free and can be combined with other streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and others.

It has over 116+ million subscribers worldwide and offers 100 shows at HD quality, but no Live TV.

  • Bundle deal on other streaming services
  • Disney+ App made available on multiple devices
  • There are many animated and family feature films.

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OTT Service #3 – Hulu

Enjoy endless entertainment, live sport, and all the movies and shows you love

Hulu is the third most popular OTT service in America and accounts for 11% of global market share. This app is a flexible video streaming service that offers multiple OTT pricing options and a Live TV package.

This OTT subscribers have access to dramas, comedy, blockbuster movies and documentaries. Service of this app has a slight difference with Netflix in terms of availability of new episodes, as they are uploaded one day after their premiere.

This popular OTT service offers four pricing options and multiple add-ons. Wrapped packages give viewers access to a variety of content.

Subscription plans with lower prices have ads and non-advertising content. The Live TV package costs more.

  • Free Trial
  • Fantastic Bundle Deal with ESPN+ and Disney+
  • Service that is versatile in the market

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OTT Service #4 – ESPN+

ESPN+ – Stream More with ESPN+

This is the first dedicated streaming service for sports OTT. It focuses on live streaming of sporting events. This package offers a wide range of content including original shows and sports streams, as well as live events.

Subscribers can follow many sports, including boxing, basketball and wrestling.

You can get it with Disney+ at a very attractive package rate. Multiple advertisements are included in ESPN+ Live. To make up for the lack of sports-related content, you can bundle it with Hulu or Disney+.

  • Special bundle deal with Hulu & Disney+
  • A wide range of content focusing on sports is available

OTT Service #5 – Amazon Prime Video

You can watch the most recent movies and TV shows as well as award-winning Amazon Originals.

Amazon’s OTT streaming channel that offers 26 thousand On-Demand videos and a wide range of genres.

Prime Video provides unlimited access to a vast video content library for a monthly subscription and the possibility of renting additional content. Prime Video’s main feature is direct access to film premiering in theatres.

Additional access can be granted to popular shows, sporting events, live programming, and other programs. You can stream HD video on up to three devices and it offers compatible streaming. Prime Video offers a great all-round offer and is a good value for money if you have an Amazon account.

  • Free Trial
  • Amazon Prime subscription includes this feature
  • Balanced Library of original and live content

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OTT Service #6 – HBO Max

Stream blockbuster movies and epic originals online.

A streaming video service for OTT that streams content from Warner Media, a parent company to HBO. It features more than 2500 shows and exclusives from Warner Media.

Access to the most loved franchises such as Morty and The Big Bang Theory is yours. Access to all premiering movies will be available at no additional charge. HBO Max gives you access to all of the latest movies on the market. It does not support Live TV and will have limited sports content.

You can choose from two pricing options that are flexible across the globe. To access Ad-free content or make downloads, viewers will need to pay an additional fee. HBO Max supports 4K streaming, and HD delivery.

  • Premiere of New Films without Additional Cost
  • A wide range of original shows and franchises

OTT Service #7 – CBS All Access

CBS TV Network Primetime, Daytime and Late Night Shows

Paramount+, an OTT streaming channel, gives you access to CBS content for a very low price. CBS TV Network has a rich On Demand library that includes exclusive news and classic shows such as CSI, All Rise, Twin Peaks, among others.

You can subscribe to CBS All Access to access tons of shows and live content on the CBS channel. This find specific CBS shows at attractive prices and competitive pricing because it supports multiple platforms.

Paramount+’s main advantage is its affordability and the fact that you can access Ad-free content for a little more.

Live TV Services include world sports broadcasts as part of the Ad-free Package. The OTT app is available on multiple devices and you get offline downloads in HD quality. This app combines On-Demand video content with live video content.

  • Access to a wide range of devices
  • Very affordable
  • A balanced display of On-Demand and Live sports content

OTT Service #8 – Pluto TV

Enjoy 120+ channels of free TV with the best place for movies to rent or buy.

Pluto TV is an OTT service that can be accessed by anyone who loves traditional cable TV. This platform comes with 190 streaming channels and is ad-supported. Pluto TV offers a wide variety of content, including more than 1,000+ movies on demand. It also has some of the most entertaining and original entertainment channels you will find on cable TV.

Even though there is no sport content, the availability of informative channels with additional programming is an advantage. Pluto TV’s unlimited streams make it an attractive alternative to traditional TV.

  • You can watch exclusive shows unlimitedly
  • Stream on all devices, Chromecast to Roku
  • The next-best entertainment option to traditional sets

OTT Service #9 – Tubi

Free movies and TV shows streaming in HD video streaming. Premium app

Tubi is a streaming service that offers a high-quality, over-the-top streaming service with 20,000+ movies and TV shows for no cost. Its extensive library includes many popular titles such as Legally Blonde and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Tubi, which was launched in 2014, began to identify top flicks online.

Fox corporation owns the American streaming service. It will continue to show classic films, regardless of ultra HD streaming. Another problem is that it uses an ad-based model of monetization, meaning users will occasionally have to deal commercial breaks.

  • Access to both TV and Movies, plus Tubi Originals
  • No subscription req

OTT Service #10 – Sling TV

Online TV streaming services of the highest quality with maximum customizability

Sling TV is a streaming service that was originally created as a TV network. Sling TV combines live television with an online streaming service that offers a more appealing experience. The app-based TV service allows you to access local stations for a monthly starting price of $35. In 2015, Sling TV OTT providers announced their presence on the entertainment market.

Erik Carlson is the President and COO of Dish Network. This virtual multichannel distributor among the top OTT companies aims at complementing services like subscription video-on-demand for cord-cutters & providing a wide variety of cable channels with OTT media. It can be streamed via apps, smart TVs, digital media players, and other devices.

  • Free selection of programming
  • You can watch Ad-supported programming even if you don’t have an account on the supported devices