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PDF is the most popular format of all time. It is one of the most common digital formats to share information. You can store everything in PDF format, whether a business-related document or school notes. You can even convert images to a PDF to make your picture organized in a single file.

Another important reason for the popularity of the PDF format is its versatility and security. To maintain security, you can add passwords, whereas versatility is promoted by hardware independency. In addition, PDF files can be effortlessly shared on various platforms and can be edited by using a PDF reader and editor for PC. 

This article will briefly discuss the best PDF viewer and editor for PC. Also, we’ll skim through the features of the product. So, without further ado. Let’s get straight into it. (Keep reading, surprise at the end of the article.)

What is the best PDF Reader and Editor? 


Your PC might have default PDF software. However, it isn’t the most efficient and lacks tons of functionality. That being the case, you need to install a PDF software that can read and edit your PDF and perform various functionalities, like UPDF. It is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. These are the top essential features of UPDF that you should know about.

Read and View PDF

UPDF is the best PDF reader and editor for PC. You can enable a single page and double page view for reading PDF. You can also use the scrolling mode to go through the pdf file with both single- and double-page views.

It has a slideshow mode that lets you fully concentrate on the pdf without getting distracted by the background. The eye-friendly reading mode won’t strain your eyes if you plan to read for long hours.

Like a browser, you can open multiple files in a single window. You can also use the navigation toolbar to perform various shortcuts like zoom-in, view a page, jump to the last page, etc.

Edit PDF

UPDF has excellent tools that allow you to edit your pdf file. You can modify images in the pdf by resizing, cropping, rotating, deleting, and even copying images. You can also replace an image and add an image from your own pc. 

The text editing tools allow you to modify text by adding new text, deleting, replacing, etc. You can also use the font parameters to adjust the text’s color, size, style, etc.

Annotate PDF

The UPDF software has an useful PDF Annotator that enable you to add comments to your PDF files. The commenting can be done by textbox, sticky notes, and callouts. You can highlight, strikethrough, or underline the critical points for reviewing.

In addition, there are various appealing and valuable stamps and stickers that you can add to make your PDF appear more creative. You can also draw or add the shapes to your PDF file.

Convert PDF

UPDF is not just a PDF viewer and editor for PC but also an excellent PDF converter. You can convert your PDF file into various formats like .txt, .png, .docx, etc. You can also export your regular PDF to a PDF/A, which is the latest format of PDF that stores your files for longer.

It also supports the OCR tool. This tool helps you to convert scanned documents into an editable and searchable format. It has a text recognition setting that supports over 15 languages.

Protect PDF

UPDF allows you to enforce security via adding passwords to ensure pdf security. With UPDF, you can add an open password, which restricts the user from invading or opening your document without a password. Another efficient way to enforce security is by adding a permission password. This will prevent your document’s content from being copied, edited, and printed by an unauthorized user. 

Sign PDF

UPDF allows you to add an electronic signature to your document in three ways. You can do it via trackpad, mouse, and keyboard. It will save you from the trouble of printing and rescanning your documents to convert them into digital format. 

You can change the thickness and color of your signature. In addition, you can save up to four different signatures under the signature icon and replace them whenever you want.

Organize PDF

There are plenty of ways to use UPDF’s PDF organizer. You can add a blank page, replace a page, rotate, remove, and extract the pages of the pdf. You can also create a smaller PDF from the larger PDF and choose the number of pages according to your preference. 

You can go to the page mode and add a page range. You can use the pre-selected range like odd, even, etc., or add range via numbers.

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PDF software has become essential for performing PDF-related tasks. To efficiently perform annotations, editing, adding comments, and convert your PDF file, you can use UPDF. It is available across most platforms, including macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. 

They have affordable price plans. You can purchase UPDF for just $29.99/year. So, be sure to install it on your PC for efficient PDF manipulation via the best PDF viewer and editor for PC.