Best Outdoor Flooring Ideas in 2022

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of natural stone flooring, ceramic tiles, and rubber flooring. We will also discuss wood flooring. Despite the numerous advantages of natural stone flooring, these products may not be suitable for outdoor use. But, fortunately, there are some products that help to minimize the heat retention of outdoor flooring. Using such products will ensure that your outdoor flooring will stay as beautiful as it did indoors, no matter how hot it gets.

Natural stone

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When choosing a flooring material for your outdoor space, you should consider the durability of natural stone. Compared to ceramic or porcelain, natural stone is easier to maintain. Its surface, color and texture will remain intact for decades. Besides, it is more affordable than other alternatives. However, it should be noted that acid cleaners should never be used on natural stone. There are many advantages of natural stone flooring. Here are some of them:

Ceramic tiles

There are a number of different factors that you should consider when choosing ceramic tiles for outdoor flooring. These tiles must withstand moisture, stains, and wear. They also must be impervious to sudden temperature changes and be resistant to moss and mould. Porcelain tiles meet all of these requirements, so they are a great choice for outdoor spaces. Porcelain tiles from Refin come in different thicknesses and have varying degrees of non-slip finish.

Rubber tiles

While rubber tiles for outdoor flooring are not a permanent solution to deteriorating floors, they do offer several advantages over traditional hard surfaces. These tiles provide excellent shock absorbing qualities and can resist high impact pressure. They also distribute vibrations evenly. Moreover, they prevent damage to flooring below. In addition to being comfortable and durable, outdoor rubber flooring is also easy to maintain and repair. The benefits listed below can convince you to install rubber tiles in your outdoor area.


One of the many benefits of using wood for your outdoor flooring is that it is very beautiful. This material is also reasonably priced. It is very easy to maintain and can be stained or painted to match your home’s theme. You can also leave it natural for a rustic or contemporary look. Wood will need some maintenance over time, depending on the climate you live in. If you do not have the time or money to install the flooring yourself, you can hire a professional to install it for you.

Artificial grass

One of the main advantages of installing artificial grass on your patio or garden is its safety. Dog urine and other animal waste are very difficult to remove from real grass, and artificial grass is not affected by these substances. It is also easier to clean and can be used on patios and other outdoor spaces. For these reasons, artificial grass is a popular choice for outdoor flooring. In addition to being safe, it can improve the look of your home.

Composite planks

The main consideration when installing composite planks for outdoor flooring is durability. Composites tend to sag when the joist spacing is wider than 16 inches and are susceptible to crumbling if the screws are fastened close to the edges. General contractor Tom Silva at TOH recommends installing 3/4-inch screws from the edge and angling them towards the joists on the butt ends. It is also important to know that composites are susceptible to expansion and contraction in cold and hot weather, so it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s specifications.

Wooden floors

Whether you are looking to add warmth to your deck or patio, or simply want to create an elegant ambiance, wooden outdoor flooring can be an excellent choice. Wood has many benefits. First, it is a natural material, making it easy to maintain and easy to clean. Another advantage of wood is its resistance to weather changes and rain. You can choose to stain, paint, or leave it natural for a more rustic look. Of course, wood will be affected by weather and require regular maintenance, but if you aren’t comfortable performing this yourself, hiring a professional to do the job for you can save you money.

Wooden floors with artificial grass

There are many advantages to wood floors with artificial grass. This material is attractive and requires little maintenance. It is a natural color that is easy on the eyes and can help reduce stress and anxiety. It is also a low-maintenance choice for any room. Its cool color also helps relieve eye fatigue, and you can fit the rug underneath your furniture to provide contrast. If you have a small dog, you can even install an artificial turf playpen alongside the wooden floor.