Best online service for client billing

Let us face it: billing is a pain. Creating bills, sending them out, and following up on overdue accounts might take a long time. Furthermore, without your knowledge, reoccurring invoices may end up costing you money. The cliché about the world not beating a path to your door seems to be doubly appropriate when it comes to individuals who owe you money. 

The truth is that unless you track down payment for a service or product, your customers are unlikely to pay on their own. This is especially true for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Fortunately, good billing and invoicing software can take away a lot of the pain from the billing process by giving you more payment options and allowing you to accomplish tasks more quickly. 

Type of software

This type of software allows you to expand your electronic payment channels and mobile payment networks, making it easier and faster for your customers to pay. That is why reputable providers such as Optimum put a premium on making their customers’ billing experience enjoyable. By calling tech support, you can successfully make payments, inquire about your balance, or schedule a technician to visit your corporate space. 

Hence paying an Optimum bill shouldn’t be difficult, regardless of the method you use. The Optimum customer service pay bill attribute gives several options; you can pay the bill by phone, by mail and you can even pay online. 

However, it is very important to note that the type of business you run, as well as your clientele, will influence your billing and invoicing solution selection. Cash and credit cards are used by retail businesses, but service-based businesses and freelancers have distinct needs and might benefit from online payment solutions. 

For small to midsize businesses (SMBs) to get paid quickly, they must be able to effectively characterize the services provided, as well as payment options and timeframe. This is where software for invoicing and billing comes in helpful. If you utilize the right accounting software, you can reduce the risk of human error while also increasing the likelihood of being paid on time. 

When the market is swamped with them, how can you choose the best software and automated solutions? Here is our pick for the best billing software for small businesses, which combines user-friendly interfaces with practical and feature-rich functionality.


A very popular small business billing software solution is QuickBooks. This cloud-based application is popular among small and large businesses, but it is also appropriate for start-ups and freelancers. 

Automated reports, invoice templates, and automatic bank reconciliation are just a few of the features that can help you save time and money. Create and send electronic bills to your consumers, and track late payments with automated reminder emails. QuickBooks also allows you to keep track of payments in real-time.

You will be notified when your customer opens their invoice, ensuring that no documents are misplaced. Furthermore, for better billing administration, the program can handle discounts and a late penalty, which will aid in tracking down late payments.


Scoro is a comprehensive accounting and invoicing software that automates the entire invoicing process. Allows you to quickly produce and send customized invoices and quotes for sales and credit. It helps you set up recurring payments and shorten the time it takes to bill you on a monthly basis. 

It also allows you to set up automated overdue reminders so that you are paid on time. Using this software, you may get a comprehensive view of the suitability of any customer or project. You will save countless hours by controlling everything in one location rather than going back and forth between excel files and emails.


When it comes to small business billing software, Xero earns high marks for its complete features. It can handle not just online invoicing but also a wide range of financial and accounting tasks. In terms of invoicing, you will be able to create recurring bills using templates and customization choices. 

Companies can set up automatic reminders for late payments to keep the cash flow flowing smoothly. Xero integrates with a wide range of apps. Giving you plenty of options for customizing the software to your business’s changing needs.

Zoho books

If you are new to the world of billing, Zoho Books could be a great option. Because of its user-friendly, uncomplicated design. Users may create and send invoices automatically using this small business billing software.

It also creates financial reports and integrates with a variety of payment systems. Users will also benefit from Zoho’s automated payment reminders as well as recurring payment services. Errors are less likely to occur, and customers are more likely to pay on time.


Hiveage accepts several different types of online payments. Individual sellers that accept payments from clients all over the world via a variety of payment channels would benefit from Hiveage’s multicurrency support. It, like other invoicing software, provides a self-service portal where you can interact with customers.

It enables your employees to manage their time and projects, send invoices, and bill clients on a per-client basis. Although Hiveage is not a full-fledged accounting program, it does have some accounting features including mileage tracking, time tracking, and cost tracking.

Final words

Your company’s workflow as well as accounting practices, of course, influence the billing software you choose. Continue to experiment with different ideas until you find one that truly matches your needs.