Best crypto screener

Finding coins that can make a quick profit in today’s big corruption market is like looking for a needle in a haystack. By analyzing each coin and tracking its potential, traders use crypto screens to find the best business opportunities. Below is a list of the top five crypto screens.

Crypto screener are tools that scan the list of the largest cryptocurrencies on the market and filter business opportunities based on custom settings and parameters. Different crypto writers have different mechanisms for predicting and analyzing trends. The most commonly used parameters for filtering your search:

Price changes

Market range

Trade volume

Example of a technical chart

Indicators such as EMA crossover and RSI

Based on your strategy and parameters, the crypto screenwriter scans the list of coins and identifies those that match your search preferences.


DYOR is a relatively new crypto script developed specifically for futurists and marketers who play games like futures and alternatives.

Dior Home

The DYOR index has more than 100 coins with the largest trading volume. Binance and KuCoin and FTX Scan the Forex Market Place Markets for Counting and Analysis of USDT and BTC Coins.

Your creation is filled with more than 150 technical guidelines for finding coins according to your trading strategy. Using these filters, you can soon customize special coins with the Golden Cross section, a secret demolition, a recent Bollinger Band breakdown, and a candlelight vigil from the hanging man to the shooting star.

You can set these filters to your advantage and build your own powerful screenwriter that scans the entire market and offers coins that match your specific Cryptotax strategies.

Dior screenwriters

If this sounds like a minor update from most crypto screens, DYOR will use your AI to do all the technical analysis for you and take it to another level. It can not only display coins based on your parameters, but also define different chart patterns.

However, if you want to trade with a particular pattern, such as a fallen pot or bull flag, you can customize your settings to scan the specified coins to find the pattern of your choice. . In addition to the patterns, DYOR identifies and outlines current trends, historical support, and resistance levels.

Dior’s example is money

Overall, DYOR is one of the most powerful cryptocurrencies for futures and alternative trading. In addition to scanning and inserting coins, it detects sudden increases in volume through the three exchanges listed and even sends a message via telegram to all your scanners. However, DYOR is not a free screenwriter, and these features cost you $ 14 a month.

If you have checked the value of cryptocurrency online, it may be on Coinmarketcap. With more than 300 million active users, it is the most valuable tool for determining the value of cryptograms on the Internet.

It has a set of basic functions and a simple user interface. However, it also doubles as a tonal functional testing tool. You can sort coins based on prices and filters such as algorithms.

You can divide the listed coins by category, price change, market range, size and turnover.

Coinmarketcap filters

Coinmarketcap makes it one of the best crypto screens with the largest coin index. It displays more than 16,000 cryptograms and provides information on the basics of coins, where to buy them, the history of prices and more.

In addition to working as a coinmarketcap crypto market screenwriter, it offers you additional tools such as a list of custom tools and a free portfolio tracker.