Benefits of Indoor Games & Extracurricular Activities for Kids

Games and extracurricular activities form a vital part of the brain development of a kid. Beyond academic sessions, the children must have ample time to relax, play around and hone their skills. Such activities would impart them with an optimistic attitude and fortify their confidence.

A school must have a balanced schedule of indoor games and extracurricular activities. Else, it cannot proclaim itself as a futuristic one with a progressive curriculum. Studies alone will not make a kid into a promising individual. A comprehensively planned course program will guide the children towards the right path. The benefits of indoor games and extracurricular activities are explained in this article.

Academic Excellence

Many times parents misconstrue that the sports and out of syllabus events can hamper the academic performance of the kid. On the contrary, it will improve the child’s focus, determination, and winning spirit, in addition to instilling a positive attitude. Extracurricular activities and games sharpen the mind and enhance brain development. This will eventually reflect in the kid’s academic performance as well. It is of paramount importance to draw a balance between academics and extracurricular activities, as well as, sports.

Improved Confidence and Team Spirit

Games that are played as a team will infuse a selfless team spirit in the kids. It will help grow love and mutual respect in their heart. Those kids will grow to become adults with strong diplomatic skills and social behavior. Games will also strengthen the confidence of the kids. That will initiate an attitude of perseverance to try and achieve everything he or she wants.

Time Management Skills

Time management is a relevant factor for performing well in life. Many adults struggle to find time for important things and may fail miserably in completing the task within time. Although the kid may not be aware of these facts, he or she will find time to play games and be involved in the activities. Unknowingly inducing time management skills in them. Planning and scheduling tasks as per priority will become a simple thing for him or her.

Social Interaction

Group activities and involvement with different kids with the same interest will grow the kid’s social circle. The kid will become an easygoing individual with exceptional interpersonal skills. He or she will be able to establish connections that will benefit at every juncture of life. Limiting the kid in studies may turn him or her into an introvert. The kid may not be able to perform well in front of strangers and may lack the confidence to take up a new thing.

Perspective about the World

A broadened perspective about the world will help the kid to scale new heights by having a fresh and positive view of everything. He or she will not find it difficult to gel with people of different cultures and ethnicities. It will aid them in breaking the limitations and attaining exceptional achievements in life.

Elevated Self Esteem

There are several hidden advantages games and extracurricular activities offer. Elevated self-esteem in one among them. The kid will feel proud to win games and gain a notable position in extracurricular acts. This will prompt them to go ahead and achieve more.

How TIST is Making the Difference in Games and Extracurricular Activity for Students

The International School of Thrissur (TIST) clearly understands how all the games and extracurricular activities benefit kids. TIST facilities include play zones and extracurricular activity areas for the students. Having a thoughtfully crafted curriculum, they maintain the perfect balance between education and these activities.  Being one of the most reputed international schools in Thrissur, Kerala and the first Cambridge early year centre in Kerala TIST offers a great opportunity for young minds to improve their academics as well as beyond academics skills.

A right balance in studies and extracurricular activities is essential for every kid. Not everything is taught through books, it is important to find activities which help in growth and  enjoyment of kids at an early stage itself.