Batch Compress PDF files using online tools or free software for Windows PC

In this article, you will learn all the instructions of compressing PDF files on your Windows 11/10 PC. PDF shrinker is the technique to reduce pdf size so that it may be shared on the internet. You may also wish to decrease the size of the PDF to accommodate restricted storage space. This article will go through how to use pdf shrinker and reduce the sizes of multiple pdf files at once. Let’s have a look at how!

How can I reduce the size of a PDF file for free?

Any of the methods or applications listed in this article may be used to decrease or reduce a PDF file size for free. All of the programmes discussed above allow you to compress several PDFs at the same time. You can experiment with free applications such as Decrease PDF Size or 4dots Free PDF Compress. 

On a PC, how do you shrink a PDF file?

To shrink PDF files on a PC using a pdf shrinker, use free software that allows you to compress PDF files offline. You may reduce the size of a PDF file using free applications such as Free PDF Compressor, 4dots Free PDF Compress, Minimize PDF Size, and PDF Reducer. We’ve gone through several of these programmes in depth; have a look at the list below.

How to Shrink PDF Files in Batch on Windows 11/10

On a Windows 11/10 PC, there are two basic ways to batch shrink PDF documents. You can either use free pdf shrinker software to compress PDFs in bulk, or you may compress PDFs individually. Alternatively, you may use a free online application to bulk compress PDFs.

PDF Size Reduction

Reduce PDF Size is another free programme that you may use to batch shrink PDF documents besides pdf shrinker. It is a freeware programme for Windows 11/10 that allows you to reduce multiple PDF files at the same time. It allows you to simply execute mass PDF compression. Let’s have a look at how!

Follow the easy steps below to easily batch compress PDFs on Windows 11/10 using this free software:

  1. To begin, download and install the free freeware Reduce PDF Size.
  2. Then, launch the software’s graphical user interface.
  3. Now, select File > Insert PDF Files and import several PDF documents.
  4. Then, pick the desired compression setting from the Options menu, such as Low Quality, Excellent Quality, and so on.
  5. Finally, begin batch PDF reduction by selecting File > Decrease PDF File Size.

PDF Compressor 

It is another dedicated web application that is mainly used to reduce Pdf files. Easily upload your Pdf documents and it will minimize them for you in a short period of time. You can install particular PDFs or a ZIP package containing all of the output compressed Pdf files after compression.

Using PDF Compressor, you can batch reduce Pdf files online.

  1. To reduce the size of PDF files in bulk online, follow the instructions below:
  2. First, open a web browser.
  3. Then, go to the PDF Compressor website.
  4. Now, you may browse and import numerous PDF files, or you can drag & drop PDFs into its interface.
  5. After that, wait a few moments for the bulk PDF reduction to complete.
  6. Finally, you can save the produced PDFs as smaller files.

That’s all! I hope this tutorial has helped you compress many Pdf files using the pdf size reducer at once on Windows 11/10.