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App Store Optimisation Importance for Mobile App Marketing

App Store Optimisation services are often not considered by a lot of marketers and app developers. They fail to realize the importance of this optimization process and try to focus more on techniques like blogging, social media marketing, pay per click, etc. These techniques are important too and work for the best of the application but, marketers and app developers forget about the main ingredient that has to be focused upon here!

What is App Store Optimisation or ASO

App Store Optimization services provide your app with visibility on app buying stores like Google Play and Apple store. ASO is utilized specifically for applications and its ranking in the app stores whereas SEO is particularly used for website ranking over the search engines like google. ASO also focuses on CTR, that is the click-through rate which simply means convincing people to click on your app. You can do this even if you optimize your app screenshots, app ratings, app name, and title!

Importance of App Optimisation for Mobile App Marketing

There are tons of apps available and waiting to get downloaded, so you are not alone in this race. If a person cannot locate your app, how will they ever get to download it? App quality is not the only factor to consider when you want to get in the top 10 categories. Just like website optimization, Apps also require optimization that will help bring your product under the top 10. Here are a few reasons why you need to focus on ASO than any other marketing technique.

1.    It helps you stay in the store

App stores offer the user a collection of amazing apps that builds their trust, helps them with what they are looking for, and provides them with satisfactory results. To come in the top 10 list and get featured, your app needs to be well functioning, conduct frequent updates, and of course have a better rating by the users. App stores to maintain their quality standards often clean their store with apps that are useless and have bad ratings. Working on your ASO helps you play safe with the removals and clean-ups!

With regular updates, giving a positive response to reviewers, asking for ratings, involving the right keywords, and often updating the interface and user experience helps the app store recognize your capability. It tells them that you are a dedicated contributor to the store and wish to flourish ahead.

2.    Widens your spectrum and helps you reach out internationally

Being able to go international is something every business owner aims for. In today’s world when the world is operating globally, your app has a chance to turn global too! With the help of appropriate marketing and optimization. Your app might have the potential to reach out to global horizons and that can be the best thing ever. Small businesses that run locally can spread globally then why should your app stay national? working under the right conditions and optimizing your app along with global standards can help you achieve the best.

3.    Makes you known in the store

A lot of people search for an app with the help of the finder in the app store. if you look forward to your app being recognizable enough, ASO can be a big contributor. Using the right keyword in the in-app purchase titles, descriptions and subtitles will surely help you reach the top as the app store indexes keywords this way. If you think you can reach the top 10 by adding more and more keywords, then it is simply not gonna work! Targeting for the right keyword in the right direction is what will help you out. ASO makes sure that your app targets the right type of audience that ends up visiting and installing your app. If you target an audience that is not even relevant to your app. The app store algorithms are not gonna like it.

4.    Cuts down the user acquisition costs

The formula is simple. if you try reaching out organically the users will stay but, if you try reaching out through paid resources you cant take guarantee of the users. So, instead of spending all that you got on paid user acquisition channels, try organic user acquisition. If you don’t believe us, you can try paid advertisements that might take your audience to the app and they even might download it. What is the fun if they later realized it’s not even useful to them! Adding ASO to your mobile marketing strategy will help you gain users that think that the app is fit for their lifestyle and use it for longer.

From all the information you collected, you must be aware of how important ASO is for your app. Whether you are in the business of games or simply a doctor with his app. ASO is one of the most important factors that will help you get recognized by a large sum of audience. So, start researching and create an exclusive mobile app marketing to bang the marketplace!

Adding ASO to your mobile marketing strategy will help you gain users. Get the help of the best digital marketing agency in India to win the app marketplace.