A Guide to Making Your Garden Beautiful All Year Round

Many amateur gardeners have resigned themselves to having a garden which blooms in spring and looks beautiful until the end of the summer, before losing all its sparkle and going dull in the fall and winter. This doesn’t have to be the case, however! Here’s how to make sure that there is always something pretty to look at in your garden, whatever the season.

Make sure you plant some evergreens

An evergreen plant is any plant which does not lose its leaves over the winter. The first evergreens which come to mind are probably firs, spruces, yews and pines—the kinds of tree which have come to play an important role in Christmas celebrations, precisely because they are as luscious in the winter as at any other time of the year. However, there are plenty more evergreens out there, from small-leafed climbers such as ivy or wintercreeper to herb shrubs such as rosemary—perfect for the gardener who also likes to cook!

Mix plants which bloom in different seasons

Perhaps the most obvious way to ensure that there is always something different sprouting up and blooming in your garden is to sow a variety of plants which have different blooming times. Remember that this doesn’t have to be just flowering plants—why not mix flowers with vegetables and berries, so you can get some food out of your garden as well as making it look pretty? If you’re not sure what blooms in which season, Happy Valley Seeds is a good place to start, as they have season-specific seed categories on their web shop.

Choose perennials if you would like plants that last, or go for annual or biennial plants if you enjoy switching things up in your garden every year or two. If you celebrate Christmas or Yule, planting a holly tree in your garden is a great way to ensure you have decorative foliage readily available at the right time of the year!

Don’t forget succulents

Born to thrive in the desert, succulent plants are another great way to add variety to your garden, both because they are always green—with flowers thrown in, too—and because they are easy to care for, which makes them a perfect choice for those who want a beautiful garden but don’t have the time to be constantly looking after it. If the weather in your area is not suitable for growing succulents, don’t forget that you can always buy a small greenhouse—check out the incredible selection of greenhouses available for any garden.

Add some decorations

Finally, remember that the art of landscaping your garden is not just about choosing what to plant. It also involves selecting decorations such as fairy lights, stone sculptures or fountains. Even the kinds of planters you choose can make a difference to the overall look of your garden, so make sure you put some care into every garden-related purchase you make. A little planning will go a long way!