A Guide to Integrated Development environment For Application Development


Mobile app development remains the top trend as of now. For several app development companies, a lucrative mobile app development method is the critical objective. Not to mention app developers leverage top feature-packed IDEs to ensure quality apps in a considerable amount of time.

An Integrated Development Environment combines all the necessary tools you need to write and test applications. In other words, a platform for app developers to develop apps. Before you begin developing apps, you should know the fundamental of IDEs that help your build apps. In addition, various IDEs exist on the surface of the app development procedure. Choosing the correct one for your mobile app development is the main goal here. Not only do IDEs let you write code there, but their variety of functions and features can take the development process to the next level.

Let’s dig deep into the core features of IDEs.

Source Code Editor

One of the beautiful features of IDE is that itlets you highlight the syntax to ensure better readability and sorting.Besides,it provides autocompletion of the code to accelerate the development process further. With an intelligent IDE in use, you don’t have to stress yourself by memorizing correct syntax, as it makes sure to offer you the correct syntax.Consequently, it escalates the productivity of the app developer as well.

Automated Build Processes

It provides automate build processes. However, the code requires to be compiled before it’s executable. Unlike past years without the IDEs, you need to compile the file before its execution but not today, not anymore.

However, a compilation of the file is indispensable before execution. Hence, IDEs automatically compile your file, minus you having to collect your file manually. Not to mention, this feature of an IDE enables programmers to focus on the coding.


If you start to debug your code manually, it would undoubtedly take a considerable amount of time before you find that bug in your code. Termination of all errors from the program is an outstanding feature that IDE provides. With this feature at hand, developers can run their code smoothly and get notified of any potential errors. In addition, Integrated Development Environment allows programmers to see suggestions for syntax errors before compiling the file.

Here Are The Top 5 IDEs for Mobile App Development

1 – Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for Android mobile app development. It aims at developing high-quality Android apps for all Android devices. It has a faster coding and speedy iteration level, unlike other IDEs for Android app development. Also, it allows programmers to write code and change resources to the running application without restarting the program. The code editor recommends code that suits your need yours from Android Studio’s dropdown list.

In addition, it has an Android Emulator through which you can simulate an android device on your pc and test your app right away. The android emulator, however, makes faster prototyping possible.

Benefits of Android Studio:

  • Completely free.
  • Offers live code change support.
  • Generate APKs for all devices.
  • Allows GUI tools integration.
  • Provides sample apps for quicker and better app development.
  • Offers APK analyzer, Translator Editor, and Asset Studio.

2 – XCode

Apple’s own Integration Development Environment know as XCode. It’s widely come into use to develop apps for Apple products: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Tv, and Apple Watch. This IDE allows developers to effectively manage their whole app development workflow from the initial point to the end of the development process. Additionally, XCode offers all development kits in one place for programmers’ ease. Its tools include code editors, UI design, testing, asset management, debugging.

Moreover, the code editor checks your code and suggests complete code before even it’s entirely written, highlighting syntax errors before compilation.

Benefits of XCode:

  • Single tab interface.
  • Offers samples of source file templates to speed up the process.
  • Has a graphical UI design.
  • Integrated debugger.
  • Auto-save and source control management.
  • Offers a testing framework for functional, performance, and user-interface testing.

3 – Visual Studio

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s invention that helps programmers build apps with its tools from design to deployment. This particular IDE offers local development with many common emulators, which helps quicken the development process. Furthermore, Visual Studio gets highly used for developing desktop applications. It lets you code more efficiently with helpful built-in and downloaded features.

Benefits of Visual Studio:

  • Provides auto-completion and suggestion of code with a highlighted syntax error.
  • Have built-in git command.
  • Offers debugging features.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Ensure easy deployment.
  • Offers remote debugging

4 –IntelliJ

Even though the design of IntelliJ is particularly for JAVA programming, it supports several eminent programming languages too.IntelliJ is built by JetBrains, designed to maximize the programmers’ productivity with its intelligent embedded tools. Similarly, it also offers relevant suggestions in every setting. With its competent assistance in every corner, coding becomes easy and fun for developers.

Benefits of IntelliJ:

  • Offers innovative tools embedded with deep intelligence.
  • Have a version controls system that needs no plugins by the developers.
  • With high automation, prolonged tasks get done speedily.
  • Provides built-in tools formobile app development.
  • Delivers framework-specific assistance, which ensures smart coding for other programming languages.
  • Saves time at every step with its automation feature.

5 – Xamarin

Xamarin is a cross-platform that offers Android and iOS mobile app development with .NET and C#. This IDE was developed in 2011 as an independent platform but later attained by Microsoft. In addition, Xamarin is an open-source, cross-platform app framework that also proves to be distinct from other Integrated Development Environment. 

Highly dependent on the execution of the .NET platform, which identifies as Mono. Also, the execution process contains its own .NET libraries, C# compiler, and runtime. Xamarin allows the developers to use 90% of the code to build apps for separate platforms.

Benefits of Xamarin:

  • To utilize Xamarin, you need to know .NET and C#.
  • Allows developers to reuse separate third-party codebases.
  • Allows developers to use both platforms’ libraries, iOS, and Android libraries.
  • Enables programmers to witness fewer runtime errors, as it ensures compile-time checking.
  • Has a large community of app developers.
  • Completely free

Closing Thoughts

With a bit of luck, this write-up may offer you what you were looking for; guidelines for an integrated development environment. The advantages of all those IDEs out there are innumerable. Plus, intelligent IDEs ensure endless benefits. However, perhaps it’s not easy to make a comparison between IDEs. Since each IDE delivers its own worth in the particular type of app development and it’s a matter of personal preference for developers. Ultimately, it’s in the hand of developers to choose any they see fit.

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