7 Ways To Give Your Music Store a Refresh

Many music stores are enjoying an uptick in sales. During the pandemic, people discovered that learning and playing an instrument is a great hobby. Music stores can provide them with the tools they need as they continue to enjoy playing instruments today.

Is your store ready to bring in more sales? Here are seven tips for giving your place of business an update.

1. Upgrade Your Software

Retail stores depend on automated tools to keep things running smoothly. Music Shop 360 offers a comprehensive solution that lets you handle marketing, sales and inventory from a single, user-friendly place. It includes everything from ordering and inventory management to reporting and website design.

2. Train Employees on Sales Tactics

Sales professionals on the shop floor must build customer rapport, winning their trust. They must present the merchandise knowledgeably and appealingly. Finally, they have to close the sale. There’s an art to sales, and if you have employees working directly with customers, getting them proper training is a good idea. With the right skills, they can do their jobs effectively.

3. Get Customers Excited About Your Products

One of the best things about running a music store is that you sell fantastic products. They are fun, inspiring and educational. Your enthusiasm can be contagious if you feel excited about your instruments and accessories. Share it with your customers and get them in on the action so that they will want to make a purchase. You can list the facts and features of the product, but take it a step further and explain what makes the instrument so unique and vital.

4. Let Customers Try the Merchandise

Most people can understand that, from your point of view, letting customers handle expensive instruments can feel daunting. However, it’s worth allowing them to try out the merchandise. Your products should be within easy reach so that they can pick up a guitar or play a few notes on a piano. That doesn’t mean your employees have to stand back and watch; they can walk up and assist the customer while teaching them how to handle the merchandise properly.

5. Update Your Interior

Has it been a while since you changed the look of your store? Is your carpet stained? Are the lights too dim? Is the color scheme out of date?

While the store’s interior design perhaps isn’t why your customers shop there, an update can make your store more appealing and attractive. Consider using as much natural lighting as possible. Remove carpets and install vinyl or wood floors. Paint the walls a color that feels vibrant and cheerful. Even if you can’t afford to remodel the store from top to bottom, a few changes here and there can make your place pop.

6. Offer Music Lessons

If your store doesn’t already offer music lessons, now is an excellent time to start. Hire musicians to come in once a week or so and teach people how to use the products they buy from your store.

Offering lessons not only keeps customers coming back to your shop regularly, but it also gives them a chance to help you build your reputation. They can spread the word about how much they’ve learned as a patron. Your customers may even be inspired to take up multiple instruments.

7. Focus on Growing Your Internet Sales

With the power of the internet, you can reach customers worldwide. Your website should reflect the excitement and passion you put into your retail store so that people will feel the magic from far away. A sound POS system can help you do that.

If you haven’t branched into e-commerce, now is the time. It expands your reach, broadens your customer base and offers new opportunities.

Running a music store is fun. You can help customers discover and feed their passion for music. Updating a few procedures can help your business stay relevant and grow in the future.