6 Fantastic MegaBox HD Substitutes

Showbox was a fantastic, well-known app for streaming movies and TV shows that worked on almost any device. It was well-designed, had a slick user interface, and generally worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, Showbox has been permanently shut down, but there are plenty of other excellent alternatives available right now.

When looking for MegaBox HD alternatives, we considered apps on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Some are also Linux-compatible. You can use Android apps right on your desktop with apps like Bluestacks and Nox, which is how some of the alternatives below work on a PC.

Movie Box

Showbox’s iOS version is Movie Box, but there are also versions for Android, Windows, and Mac. It has the same look and feel as Showbox, as well as the same layout. If you were used to using Showbox, you should have no trouble switching to Movie Box.

The app instals using the same APK installation method as before, runs smoothly, and makes it simple to find the most recent media to stream. It also has a good search function, which makes it even easier to find the information you need.

Finally, Movie Box is a great option for former MegaBox HD APK users looking for an easy way to stream on iOS.

PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD is an excellent Showbox substitute for iOS, Android, and PC (using the Bluestacks emulator). It has the same look and feel as Showbox and works just as well.

PlayBox HD, as the name suggests, has a lot of HD content, making it superior to Movie Box for newer phones and larger screens. Users aren’t as concerned about sorting through low-quality streams as they are with other services.

Menus and navigation are kept simple, and categories populate quickly if your Wi-Fi network is up to the task. Streaming is quick and almost always buffer-free. Again, much of your platform experience will be determined by your network, though the app itself appears to be very smooth.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn When it comes to streaming, Time is still the king of the castle, but with competitors closing in, that lead isn’t as secure as it once was.

Popcorn Time is available for Windows 7 and up, Mac OSX 10.7 and up, Linux 32-bit and 64-bit, Android 4.03 and up, and Android TV 5.0 and up (ARM v7a and x86). As a result, you should be able to use this app on any device.

The design is straightforward, and the user interface is uncluttered. The content is prominently displayed, making browsing a breeze. The browsing of categories is simple and straightforward. The search function is also quite fast, and you can stream it to your Chromecast in multiple ways, making it easy to use across multiple platforms.


Crackle is another well-known movie and TV streaming service with a few unique features. It does what many other apps on this list do: it plays free high-quality movies and TV shows. The app does, however, allow you to save favourites and create playlists, which is a nice feature for binge-watching your favourite TV shows or keeping track of where you are in a series.

Unlike some of these other services, Crackle is a Sony-owned official streaming service, so you don’t need to use a VPN or anything else while using the app. This also eliminates the possibility of low-quality streams, as all content is officially uploaded.

The Crackle app, like the others on this list, is simple and straightforward. The user interface is straightforward and simple to use. On the front page, streams appear, and you can sort and search through content as you would expect.

Movie HD

If you want a little variety, Movie HD is another Showbox alternative for Android, iOS, and PC (via Bluestacks or YouWave).

It specialises in HD content, but it also has lower-quality options. Movie HD has a clever trick up its sleeve in that you can both download and stream movies. So, if you’re going to be away from your Wi-Fi or want to watch something on the train, you can choose a stream and download it to watch offline.

The user interface is sleek and well-designed. It, like the others, provides quick access to trending streams, categories, and search.


Stremio differs slightly from the other Showbox clones presented here. Stremio organises your legal streams from Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, and other legal sources rather than allowing you to stream content from torrent sources. It essentially acts as a central location for all of your streaming subscriptions. Stremio can stream content if it is available on the services to which it is linked. Stremio is available for almost every platform, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

The user interface looks the same regardless of platform, and it is similar to the other movie streaming apps listed in this article. Stremio appears to be dependable and stable, and it even allows you to add locally stored content.

While it is not a replacement for Meg, it is an excellent choice for those who want to consolidate all of their streaming services onto a single platform.


Some of these apps, you may have noticed, are only available as APKs from random-looking websites. They may be safe now, but they may not be in the future. Furthermore, the majority of these apps obtain their content from questionable sources. Depending on where you live, streaming such material is not necessarily illegal, but you should exercise caution because you may encounter problems with your ISP. You can also visit Cinemark Movies to Watch the movies with family and friends

As a result, when streaming content, you should consider installing and using a high-quality VPN on your device at all times. Content providers, such as movie and television studios, and their hired security firms, actively monitor the torrenting world for copyright violators, so you must be cautious and protect yourself at all times.