5 Reasons That Show Your Business Needs a Mobile App

When did you last use a mobile app on your phone? A few minutes ago, probably. In fact, you may be currently using one right now, reading this article. So, what does it show? Well, the popularity and addiction of smartphones and mobile apps among people.

It is one of the sole reasons businesses today opt for a mobile application and hire a mobile apps development company to get one. But is it really beneficial to have a mobile app to market your products and services? Let’s check it out in this article and understand some reasons why your business needs a mobile app.

Here’s Why You Need a Mobile Application for Your Business

Mobile App Increases Brand Awareness

Do you know how many people are currently using smartphones worldwide? Well, the numbers go beyond six billion! Pretty big enough, right?

Now, you can imagine if you develop an application and all of its functionalities work well, the chances of your application getting installed is very high if you market it correctly. The more people install and go through your app, the higher will be the brand awareness. Consequently, more people will know about your brand’s services and products and the chances of them contacting you also increases. Therefore, a mobile application is one of the best ways to promote your business and increase your brand awareness.

Mobile App Enhances User Engagement

Customer engagement is something that makes your brand popular and considerable. Email marketing and social media branding have been some of the significant ways to increase customer engagement. However, none of these mediums feels as direct or personal as a mobile app push notification does.

Whenever you launch a new product or service that you feel your customers will love, you can notify them about it through a push notification. You can also schedule a push notification when you have some exciting offers for your customers to grab their attention.

Although you can perform these on your business websites, the chances of getting distracted are higher as there can be many other tabs that your users might get engaged in. This would not be the case with a mobile app, as normally, a user accesses one app at a time.

Mobile Apps Offer Added Value to Customers

You have just read above how many people are currently using smartphones today and how significantly they are increasing day by day. Do you know the reasons behind it? Well, they are digital accessibility and comfort. And these are something for which mobile applications are known for.

Today, nobody wants to go outside to buy a product by wasting their time, energy and money. When things can be reached on just one tap, why hurt your legs to buy them from outdoors?

In the old times, the only way to contact customer support was to call or email the company. But these processes are instead time taking. In fact, to wait in a queue to get your call connected is also frustrating.

Today, most applications have an online chat support feature enabled that allows you to connect with a customer support executive virtually. This method is more direct than an email, and there is almost no waiting time compared to a call. These simple things add value to customers, which further increases the customer loyalty of your brand.

Pre-ordering, coupons and promo codes, loyalty programs, etc., are some features that simplify things for your customers and add more value.

Mobile Apps Improves Customer Service

As per a report by Dimensional Research, 52% of the customers prefer to make additional purchases from the company after they receive a positive customer service experience. Well, customer service is a crucial factor that can make or break your brand reputation. When you resolve the queries of your customers quickly and efficiently, their trust in you increases.

You can make this trust stronger through your mobile application by offering customer services like in-app messaging, locations of the stores, customer feedback, etc. Along with this, you can also add FAQs in your app’s FAQs and feedback section to help your customers with general queries.

Mobile Apps Helps in Building Stronger Relationships

One of the best things about mobile apps is that you can analyze the customer data to provide them with the best services possible. For instance, when a customer orders online food from Zomato or UberEats, they have to enter the location for the delivery. These companies can later analyze this data and suggest nearby places to that customer for ordering food.

Moreover, when users share feedback, complaints or report about your services, you know about the customer behaviour or demands. You can analyze them to enhance your services so that you can improve the customer satisfaction level. All these make the bond with your customers stronger and help you to retain them.

Wrapping Up

There are reasons why big companies switch to the latest technologies and advanced methods. They know about the market demands and what customers are expecting from the product owners.

As per a report by eMarketer, in 2019, 90% of the time users spent on the internet was accessing apps, not websites. This alone can prove why businesses are inclining towards a mobile application.

Therefore, if you do not want to lag in the race and retain a good place in the market, consult a mobile apps development agency and get one for your business. By investing in mobile apps, you do not only promote your brand and services but build a more robust and trustable bond with your existing customers.