5 Best Tips to Use When Hanging Drapes and Curtains

Curtains and drapes enhance the beauty of the room, just as the color and art of the walls contribute to its finished design. You wouldn’t believe how beautifully crafted window treatments can transform a boring window into a dramatic show-stopper. There is a trend right now for floor-length curtain panels hung on iron rods or decorative curtain rods with finials. Despite its simplicity, its design is elegant. A room design can be completed with curtain panels until the window has a lovely architectural design. 

Take advantage of these 5 best tips to use when hanging drapes and curtains:

Hanging curtains high

Hanging curtains high will give your room the illusion of extra height, which is the most important tip for professional-looking window treatment. It is recommended that the pole extends no lower than 4 inches above the top of the window in more cases and no higher than 12 inches. Curtains Dubai is possible to hand a budget drape or unlined curtain panel at the proper height above the window and it will still look well done professionally. Do you have any experience installing curtain rods? Make sure your walls are not damaged by unnecessary holes and hire a local handyman in your neighborhood. 

Use a shade to create the illusion of height

You can make your window look tall and important by using the following trick. Bamboo or Roman shades should be mounted underneath the pole, which should be hung at least 12 inches above the frame. A combination of the two window treatments allows you to hang the panels high without exposing a large blank wall space.

Make the curtain rod wider than the window

Curtain poles should always be extended at least three inches beyond each curtain side. Four reasons account for this:

  • For the illusion of a large window
  • For a brighter room 
  • To prevent shadows on the window side
  • Instead of the tight curtains, reveal more of the glass

Generally, the width of the curtains panel should be 12 inches when the curtains are open. Inside the vertical edge of the curtain, there should be a 3 inches gap, between it and the glass portion. 

Leave room beneath for cleaning

It is recommended that free-hanging curtains be positioned half inches above the ground. While maintaining this distance, the curtain appears to touch the floor, which allows for easy mopping and cleaning.

Use creative hem finishes to adjust the curtains length

The assorted hem finishes are most commonly used on silk or lined curtains. Unlike trousers, this curtain breaks forward at the ankle as it touches the ground about 3 inches longer than flush and reaches the ground about 3 inches more than flush at the bottom.

There is another method of finishing a curtains panel’s bottom called a puddle finish. In this case, there is no need to hem every time since it is not necessary. There is an excess of fabric on the floor and it is tucked and puffed with the excess curtain being made 9 to 12 inches too long. 

Curtain panels can be adjusted using the bishop sleeve trick. A folded hem can be used as a rod pocket to hang simple and inexpensive items like twin flat sheets. The pole should be inserted through the hem of the sheet and snapped into place.

Your sheet has now been transformed into an unlined curtain panel with excess length on the floor. If you wish to shorten the sheet, tie a string around it about 31 inches above the floor. It is best to loop the string over a nail that has been tapped into the vertical wood trim. Put the fabric on top of the straight and puff it. 

Make short curtains longer by adding fabric width

Adding the width of fabric at bottom of the curtain panel, in either a solid color or coordinating pattern, can add an appealing design detail that can make packaged silk curtains appear custom-made. There is something interesting about a texture like velvet or suede. It is possible to bond the two fabrics together without sewing them together by ironing a fabric fusion between them for a couple of minutes.


Curtains make home decoration more attractive and beautiful. So, they should be hanged in an arranged manner. Because curtains and drapes look beautiful when they are clean and hung in style. For this reason, the curtains need to be the perfect length as well as width to fulfill the purpose. They should not be too short as they are above the window, nor should too long that they touch the ground. All the guidelines are mentioned above in this article. The above guidelines will help you to hang your curtains and drapes more effectively with the help of these guidelines.