5 Best Quick Loans with Fast Approval in 2022

In a hurry and need a loan? Check out our list of the five best quick loans with fast approval! These loans can get you the money you need in no time, and most of them have very simple application processes. So whether you’re dealing with an unexpected expense or need some extra cash to tide you over, one of these loans is sure to fit your needs.

And don’t worry about your credit score – all of these lenders offer loans to people with bad credit. So no matter your financial situation, you can still get the money you need to find quick loans near me online

The main advantage of Quick loans is they don’t require any collateral. They are quick to process and secure as compared to other loans. You can expect a quick loan on the same or the next business day. 

Urgent personal loans, payday loans, emergency loans, and instant cash advances are all types of quick loans that you can secure to meet your pressing needs for cash. For example, quick loans can help to cover unexpected medical bills, pay tuition fees or help fight off heavy interest rates of pending debt. 

If you fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria, such as :

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Have valid proof of identification
  • Have valid proof of income

Then, you can avail of a Quick loan on one of the platforms listed below. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out our list of the best quick loans below and find the perfect one for your requirements. 

  1. WeLoans

WeLoans is hands-down the best online platform to get a quick loan. They offer loans up to $5K, depending on your requirements and repayment abilities. You can avail of a Quick loan, even if you don’t have a high credit score, i.e., below 629. 

Visit the site, fill out the form, and receive quotes from online lenders. You can choose from options based on lender conditions and offered interest rates. Finally, get your funds on the same or the next business day.


  • They perform soft credit checks, so your credit score isn’t negatively impacted.
  • They offer multiple options with a strong network of lenders
  • High approval rates of 97%
  • No hidden fees and the lenders on the platform are transparent about all the costs. 


  • You have to do your due diligence while choosing a lender.
  • They need an active bank account to lend loans.

2. US Title Loans

Another reliable source to secure a Quick loan is U.S. Title Loans. They boast the most prominent and industry-leading group of lenders. They offer quick loans like payday loans, pawn shop loans, and car title loans to their users. Once you submit an online form, you’ll receive quotes from interested lenders, and you can sign an agreement with one of these lenders. Now, you can receive your quick loan in your account. 

 In the case of car title loans and pawn shop loans, the loan amount will depend on the value of the car or precious item you’re offering for a mortgage. If you fail to repay the loans, you’ll lose your car title or belongings. 


  • High level of confidentiality regarding your details
  • They connect you with Industry-leading lenders 
  • They offer newbie friendly interface
  • They process loan applications in a straightforward and fast manner. 


  • Not available in all states of the United States. 
  • You have to do your due diligence while choosing a lender.

3. CocoLoans

Coco Loans is a must-try platform if you’re looking for a quick loan. They offer a 1-hour payday loan without a credit check. This kind of service incurs a higher interest rate but ensures you are covered for all your emergency needs. They provide a seamless process that’s simple and fast. Plus, they also offer Bad-credit friendly loan options if your credit score is unsatisfactory. All you have to do is fill up the form asking for your basic information, get quotes from lenders, and choose a lender to get money credited to your bank account. 


  • They offer a 24*7 service, so you don’t waste time waiting for office hours or such.
  • You can secure a loan as fast as an hour.
  • They require a stable source of income, not just employment status


  • They need you to have an active bank account.
  • The services are not available in some restricted regions.

CTA: Check Fast-approval Quick loans With CocoLoans

4. Fast Title Loans

You can secure a Quick loan using the title of your car, boat, or motorcycle with Fast Title Loans. The main advantage of Title loans is fewer credit checks when compared to other types of loans because lenders look for the value of your vehicle more than your earning capacity. Therefore, the more the value of the title vehicle, the more loan you can avail of. In addition, these loans don’t affect your credit score unless you fail to repay and your vehicle is repossessed. 


  • They accept most makes and models for lending loans.
  • They consider all credit types.
  • They offer high approval rates for loans.
  • These types of loans protect your credit score.


  • A visual inspection of the vehicle is needed.
  • They need an active bank account.

5. Easy Payday Loans

Easy Payday Loans is a credible website to secure Quick loans for your cash crunch. The website offers a seamless and transparent process where you share requisite information, and lenders share quotes for you to choose from. Then, sign the agreement and get cash to cover expenses out of your budget. They offer loan amounts up to $5K against your paycheck. 


  • There’s no restriction on how you use the loan, from weddings to car repair. 
  • Your data is secure and isn’t shared with third-party apps. 
  • The process is transparent and easy-to-follow.
  • Lenders comply with federal and state laws, minimizing the chances of fraud.


  • They don’t consider your application if you have an outstanding payday loan.
  • The approval process takes longer, extending up to a few weeks. 

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You can secure easy loans with these Quick loan options. But make sure you can repay these loan amounts, so you don’t negatively impact your credit score. Also, refrain from using Quick loans for frivolous purchases. You must rely on Quick loans to cover necessary and unexpected expenses that call for extra financial help.