5 Best Gift Ideas For Family & Friends On This Diwali

Diwali is a festival that is looked forward to with great enthusiasm not only because of the celebrations involved with it but also the significance it carries. Diwali gets its name from the Sanskrit word, Deepawali, meaning row of clay lamps or diyas. It has been associated with triumph over darkness and evil. Indians all over the globe celebrate it with great vigour and devotion. 

Considered one of the most pious festivals of the Indians, Diwali illuminates the whole nation with bright lights and dazzling diyas. The fireworks add more to the dazzle and joyous celebrations. It is believed that when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya with Sita and Lakshman after 14 years of exile, the people of Ayodhya celebrated their homecoming by illuminating the whole city with diyas and firecrackers.

Since then, the practice of celebrating Diwali by lighting diyas and bursting crackers is still being continued but with some changes in modern times. Gifts have made an important place in the part of Indian festivals celebration. 

5 Best Gift Ideas For Diwali 

The ongoing practice of giving Diwali gifts to your family members and friends has become an essential and trendy part of the celebration. Now, no celebration is complete without sending or receiving gifts. If this Diwali, you are stuck at some other place and unable to visit your home, you might be wondering about ways to lighten up your mood. How about sending them gifts on Diwali and cheering their mood? 

Let’s see some amazing gift ideas to serve your purpose. 

1] Laxmi- Ganesha, Saraswati Charan Paduka 

Charan Paduka is the perfect gift for someone looking to add some auspicious element to their home. It is most likely to be liked by elderly people. If you want to gift something to your parents, you can send them gold plated Laxmi-Ganesha, Saraswati Charan Paduka, which comes in a decorated box. This auspicious gift item is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to one’s life. It can be placed at the home’s main entrance, symbolizing that Goddess Lakshmi brings wealth with her when entering your home. 

You can also gift Lakshmi Ganesha a pure silver coin with it, which is also supposed to bring good health, wealth, and joy to the family. 

2] Decorative Lantern With LED String Lights 

What better item than to gift lights on Diwali? Decorative Lantern works as modern home décor and can illuminate any dull home space. It can be gifted to newly wedded couples or someone who has shifted to a new place. Lanterns as gifts represent hope, happiness, and success. The positivity that it exudes through its bright light is appreciated by everyone, which also makes for a useful gift. 

Another best thing about decorative lanterns is that these lanterns do not need to be charged every now and then because of the LED lights that can be plugged and switched on and off as required. 

3] Set Of Copper Planters 

Who doesn’t like to keep their homes airy and ventilated by keeping flowers? Planters as gifts will be greatly appreciated by the people who like decorating their homes with different kinds of plants. You can also gift them potted plants in beautiful planters. Anyone who is a greenery lover falls short of planters as they do not have enough of it to keep their plants. 

Copper planters are long-lasting as it doesn’t break easily as clay or plastic-made planters, which are fragile to handle. Moreover, nothing can beat the finish of the elegance of copper metal. 

4] Indian Sweets Hamper

Is the celebration of Diwali even possible without varieties of Indian sweets? If you can’t think of anything to gift your family and friends, Indian sweets are the best and safest options as they can cheer anyone’s mood instantly. 

Nowadays, several online gifts app have a huge collection of Indian sweets that you can send within the country and even abroad. Sweets like Kaju Katli, Pinni, Barfi, Soan Papdi, Dry Petha, etc., are available on these gifting websites. You can gift sweets hamper to your siblings, friends, soulmates, friends, and family as they make a perfect festival gift. 

5] Nutritious Diwali Hamper

Nutritious gift hampers consist of dry fruits, sugar-free, vegan sweets, and basically everything healthy. If the person that you are sending the gifts to is a health freak, then this hamper is the apt choice for them. 

The dry fruits such as almonds, figs, and dates come packed in potli bags with a Diwali greeting card. You can even add vegan and sugar-free sweets to the nutritious hamper to make it extra special. 


With the plethora of options available online for gifting on Diwali, you can choose to gift your friends and family happiness in a box. It shows how much you care for them, and by receiving your thoughtful gifts, they will feel elated and special.