5 Best Courses on High Rise Building Design in India

A high-rise building’s design and analysis, as well as the necessary restrictions and design tools, are the subject of study in a postgraduate program called high-rise building design & analysis. Students looking to enter the field of Civil Engineering will gain the knowledge and experience necessary to plan and execute building projects. As a result of this exposure to the industry, students are better prepared to use the tool theory they learned in class once they are employed.

The primary focus is on providing students with the most robust possible conceptual foundation upon which to build practical expertise. Training with industry specialists makes the tools and designs useful in the workplace.

Structural design and planning play the most important roles when constructing anything, necessitating the employment of specialised software and hardware. For the curriculum, the Academy of Skill Lync will emphasise the building’s design and construction.

High-rise Building Design and Analysis Master’s Certificate Programme, Therefore, the most complex High Rise Building Design In Chennai calls for specialised expertise and originality on the part of the designer, which is where the program comes in. Thus, this software can be used by hopefuls to improve their design and analysis skills.

 Module on the Foundations of Civil Engineering

The approach outlined in IS 10262 must be followed when designing a mix. Students must determine the desired mean strength (fm), choose the water-cement ratio, coarse and fine aggregate content volume, water and cement content,  and complete mix calculations.

AutoCAD Fundamentals for Civil Engineers

Students will use AutoCAD to plan the construction of a home based on a provided set of specifications. They must also design and draught the house’s framework. Students must ensure the plot is 60″x20″(18.3m x 6m) and faces East. Students will complete the project by delivering a set of floor plans, elevations, and sections, as well as a set of structural drawings (Column, beam, and footing plans).

 Structural Designer for Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structures

In this course, students will use structural design to create a steel structure and examine its structural integrity.

The goal is to guarantee that bracings and moment connections are included in the High Rise Building Design In Chennai such that a crane capable of lifting 10 tonnes may be supported laterally. Students will have access to the floor plan and the exterior view of the structure.

Composite Structures Analysis and Design

Here, students are tasked with utilising to create a storefront according to specified blueprint measurements. Furthermore, they will have to apply load estimates. Additionally, students must do checks on the design and functionality, as well as analyse and interpret the results.

 Finite Element Analysis The students’ task in this project is to create a reservoir tank whose dimensions are determined by the amount of water it can hold. Use a manual approach to determine the tank’s measurements, then design and examine the tank’s walls.


Hence, there are multiple courses on high-rise buildings in India in which individuals can enrol in.