Homebuilders and homeowners have loved tile floors for ages now. You can use tile floors for each room of your house. But do you know that maintenance and cleaning of each tile are essential if you want them to survive?

The pro is that tiles don’t require a lot from your side, unlike wood flooring. Some attention and care will work wonders.

If you plan to have tile floors set up in your home, you will need these tips and tricks for easy maintenance. Read on as the article runs you through a quick guide on caring for and maintaining Porcelain Tile floors.

Clean – Dust Mop/Vacuum regularly.

Your tile floors are subject to wear and tear due to abrasive substances like sand, debris, or even dust, for that matter. To avoid any adverse effects of these particles, you must commit to a weekly dust mopping or vacuuming schedule.

Vacuums usually are for hard floor settings, whereas dust mopping is a softer way of dealing with tile floors. Do not use any stiff broom since that might do more bad than good to your tiles.

Prevent scratches and strains

Porcelain floors are primarily resistant to etching, stains, and scratches; you must remember that they are not damage-proof completely. You should not expose these tile floors to permanent dyes or inks since you might not be able to remove these altogether.

If, in any case, porcelain floors have been exposed to a permanent marker, the first step should be to rinse that specific area with water quickly and then put on the cleaning product apt for the situation. Then, you should rinse thoroughly and dry.

Porcelain surfaces should not be used as bases while cutting fruits and vegetables or preparing food.

Floor protection

Porcelain floors do not need sealing, but sealing the grout or other joints in the tile is a great idea. You must use safe products for your grout and the tile.

Starting with waxes, sealers, and other varied floor finishes, one must use tile sealers and adhesive removers to disallow them to stay on your tile. It is best to test a specific smaller area first to know the reaction of your floor.

Once checked, use a significant amount of undiluted sealer and adhesive removers in the area. Please wait for the sealer residues to soften on the surface. Allow the chemicals to sit on the area without any drying.

Grout care

Cleaning the grout is essential if you want the tiles to last long. It fills the space between each tile and also gives your tiles the space to breathe to avoid any cracking in the future.

The grout will catch dirt over some time and then darken. Cleaning your grout is more complex than cleaning the tile itself.

If you do the grout cleaning part, do proper research about the right heavy-duty grout cleaner, which will remove all dirt and debris. Go for a product with lower VOC and no harsh chemicals.

At times, the grout is disturbed more than you would have thought. In such scenarios, using grout stain to restore the grout is the way.

Tile floors form an essential part of your household. These tips will enable you to work out to ensure that doesn’t happen. Use the right products with the least harsh chemicals, and you are good to go!


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