3 Things You Didn’t Know About Real Estate

A comfortable and affordable place to live is one of the priorities of the people nowadays, to secure their families and even ensure the safety of their surroundings. Real estate has these things listed as their top priorities for these is just one of the many purposes that they do for a living. Real estate agents are assigned in working the demand and supply of the houses, sell the residential properties, and organize the legal conditions and financial work. This type of work started around the late 19th century and continued until the early 1900s.

  1. The Legendary Hollywood Sign 

Cameras? Popcorn? and Sale Promotion?

This not very known fact will blow everyone’s mind. The iconic landmark found in Los Angeles, located at the side of Mount Lee was built in 1923 and has become a legendary spot for tourists and stars of social media. Famous people such as actresses, media stars, and many more have interacted with these signs. But, what is the reason behind this landmark? When the landmark sign was first made, it was actually intended to attract people who are searching for home sales and promote land properties. People getting to know this fact got somehow disappointed, especially those enthusiastic movie fans. 

Before the big landmark sign that we do have now, it was built during the old days with the use of woods, pipes, wires, thin metal, and poles. In 1978, reconstruction of the sign happened, changing materials and even relocating it into the much more steady part of the hill, using new yet expensive materials such as telephone poles, light bulbs, woods, and sheet metal. The changes made it much better, and gave an upper-class vibe, especially with it being placed at the top with smogs around it. 

  1. High-Priced Home Strike!

A single-family-home sale price in Colorado costs over $6 million, which is 328,707,000 in the Philippine peso. The lowest price for the same single-family- home was priced around $559,000 in 2010, located near the single-wide trailer in a park with no land included. With taxes rising, and other financial needs arising, the price strike has become permanent from all over the globe. Countries such as Denmark, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Australia, and many more are just half of the many places in which expensive homes and lands are found.  In terms of home prices, the country named Ghana is ranked 1 with over 87.65 as its income ratio. 

  1. Red Doors of Scotland

Brown? Black? Enough of plain, Let’s go with red!

In Scotland, you would notice a high number of red front doors every step you take. The color red could give out lots of symbols and meanings, it could be anger, love, war, or even courage. But in Scotland, the color red signifies mortgage. They paint their front doors the moment they’ve paid off all the expenses in their mortgage, with their saying “we’re out of the red”. And its bright yet bold color would be much easier for everyone to identify which houses have paid and which haven’t. 

Other countries such as America have also adopted this front door tradition but with a different symbolism of its color, to them, it meant “welcome”, to those who are in need of a place to stay or to eat; specifically intended to those tourists to prove they could provide a meal and a place for resting. These doors are also identified from their markings in which houses are safe from the Underground Railroad and are a safe place for everyone. 


In conclusion to everything that has been stated, real estate is indeed something that provides the needs of many, prioritizing sales, especially helping you find the land or home of your choice. It’s also one of the most attractive jobs right now. If you are interested in pursuing such a career, you can start by checking out various real estate resume examples found all over the Internet. Always remember that first impressions last and so creating a well-polished resume will make you closer to your dream real estate job.