3 Reasons Why Iron-Supplementation For Your Child Is Necessary

With so many dreams and hopes for your child, you want to make sure to make the best decisions for him or her. This means ensuring your child gets the important vitamins and minerals to support growth and development. By considering iron drops for babies, in consultation with your pediatrician, you take an essential step in promoting your child’s health. A safe, gentle, age-appropriate iron supplement could help your child grow strong in the most vital areas. 

Neurological Development

When talking about neurological development, medical professionals refer to the strengthening of the brain and nerve pathways that influence mental and physical functioning. This all has a huge impact on such things as reading ability and comprehension, memory and motor skills. Much of this development takes place in your baby’s first three years, making it a very critical stage for your child.

A child who does not get enough iron in his or her diet could face a deficit in neurological development. As a parent, you should acquaint yourself with the following iron deficiency in toddlers signs:  fast heartbeat, pale skin, tiredness, poor appetite and repeat infections. The need for an iron supplement could become necessary for several reasons:

  • A premature birth could put babies at risk of an iron deficiency  
  • The mother’s breast milk does not contain sufficient iron
  • The baby’s diet does not contain enough iron-rich foods

When any of these situations occur, your child could need an iron supplement. You can sometimes accomplish this by increasing the availability of certain foods, depending on your child’s age. Foods rich in iron include eggs, beans, fortified cereals, raisins, dried fruits and spinach.

You might want to speak with your pediatrician about a medicinal iron supplement. In many cases, this can help your child get the optimal amount of this essential mineral. The right iron supplement can prove effective for small babies and as children get older.

Hormone Function

Another vital area of child development involves healthy hormone function. Hormones serve as signaling molecules that send messages throughout the body and impact the entire mind and body. When problems occur in the endocrine system, the province of hormone balance and function, a child could become weak and irritable, have frequent headaches and experience weight loss or gain.

This can result from an iron deficiency and could suggest the need for more iron in the diet. When using a supplement for your child, you should know how to give iron drops to toddler. The process involves several simple steps:

  • Shake the bottle of organic iron drops
  • Fill the included dispenser to the recommended line
  • Administer the dose slowly on the inside baby’s cheek
  • Wash and dry the dispenser
  • Place the bottle in the refrigerator

The best iron supplements for your child contain only safe and gentle ingredients. They taste good, making it a pleasant experience for the child. The small dosage won’t bother tiny tummies and you won’t have to worry about harmful dyes, alcohol and artificial ingredients. Best of all, your child gets the right amount of this essential mineral.