10 Yoga for Erectile Dysfunction You Should be Doing

Erectile dysfunction is a pervasive and well-known sexual disorder that creates many problems in a couple’s life. However, erectile dysfunction decreases the erection process of men. It is very hard for men who suffer from this problem to keep and get an appropriate erection. Due to erectile dysfunction, many people also have infertility. But this disorder can be curable. Various treatments and the natural process can help to solve this problem quickly. Moreover, different yoga for erectile dysfunction increases the sexual intercourse stamina of men.

If you want to learn different yoga postures to cure erectile dysfunction, read the rest of the article below. 

Various erectile dysfunction treatments 

Many erectile dysfunction treatments are beneficial to solve the problem of erection. So, proper erectile dysfunction medicines, penile injection, and vacuum treatments benefit erectile dysfunction. Penile surgery is also an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Besides this, the changing lifestyle can also cure the problem of erectile dysfunction. Regular practice of yoga, exercise, and diet will help to improve all health conditions, including erectile dysfunction.

One can solve the problem of erectile dysfunction by kicking out the stress, depression, and anxiety from life. Moreover, exercise and yoga are beneficial to improve mental health conditions. Many natural ways are also very effective for curing erectile dysfunction. If a person adopts different natural methods, he does not need any other process to solve the problem of erection. However, you can regularly adopt different yoga to cure erectile dysfunction. Without any medicine and medical procedure, yoga will help to strengthen your penis muscles, improve penis blood flow, and relax your body.

Therefore you can use the below yoga for erectile dysfunction. Follow these to get a good sex life. 

Ten Yoga Asana That Is Helpful For Erectile Dysfunction


Dhanurasana is a perfect pose that helps to cure any sex problem, including erectile dysfunction. This yoga asana for erectile dysfunction will help to improve blood flow in the body. According to this asana, blood circulation improves in the penis. Therefore it helps to fix erectile dysfunction. If a person regularly does this asana for 20 to 30 minutes, he will cure the backbone pain.


However, Naukasana is a perfect yoga for erectile dysfunction. This yoga improves testosterone by increasing hormonal flow in the body. A person also enhances the body strength for sexual intercourse with the help of this asana. Naukasana is the best yoga for erectile dysfunction, which strengthens the pelvic region’s muscles. Overall a person can solve the causes of erectile dysfunction by adopting this asana. 


However, the upward raised leg posture or Uttanpadasana is beneficial for erectile dysfunction. This  yoga asana helps to stretch muscles and increases the blood circulation in the human body. As a result, the penis of men gets good strength for erection, and the improved blood circulation in the penis increases the power for sexual intercourse. The pelvic region blood flow increases due to Uttanpadasana, so practice this to cure erectile dysfunction.

yoga for erectile dysfunction exercises


One of the excellent yoga for erectile dysfunction is Kumbhakasana. The posture is this asana equal to plank pose. The regular practice of this yoga asana boost the stamina for sexual intercourse. A person’s physical performance improves, and blood circulation improves through this asana. You can cure erectile dysfunction by doing this asana daily.


The posture of this asana increases the erection of the penis by increasing stamina. Circulation in  the human body increases, and you can get relief from stress. However, this asana will help people to decrease erectile dysfunction by solving all the causes of this problem. If a person regularly adopts this one, you can stimulate the reproductive organ. 


Shavasana is good yoga that relieves the stress of people. However, one can increase stamina by regularly adopting this asana. By sitting in this position for a few minutes, you can help your body to work well. One of the most significant causes for erectile dysfunction is stress, which can be solved by adopting this asana. 


Moreover, Garudasana is also very helpful for erectile dysfunction. It provides strength and increases blood flow in the human body. Therefore you can cure the problem of erection with this yoga for erectile dysfunction. 

Janu Sirsasana

One of the essential and good yoga to treat erectile dysfunction is Janu Sirsasana. The asana helps to relax your whole body. However, this is also helpful to cure stress and depression. This asana provides good sleep to the people. Thus you can regularly use this to cure erectile dysfunction. 


Siddhasana relaxes your body. It improves blood circulation and also encourages us to remove all the stress from life. So you can do this yoga for erectile dysfunction exercise. 

Baddha Konasana

This asana helps to stretch the body. This also improves the body structure. However, this asana is perfect for erectile dysfunction. Performing the Baddha Konasana increases the strength of the body. Therefore you get a perfect erection for sexual intercourse. 

Bottom line

Finally, practicing yoga for erectile dysfunction can provide happiness in your sexual life. By adopting the above yoga posture, you can get stronger, have a better mood, and have good blood circulation, necessary for erectile dysfunction. 

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