Wpc2029: Dashboard And Login Process (Updated 2022)

We mostly heard about sports, games, and their tournaments but did you know about the “cockfighting Tournaments”. Philippians is an Asian country which “Cockfighting tournaments” are arranged by . If you are from Philippians, then definitively know about this. Let’s take a look at Wpc2029:

What is the Wpc2029 live and its role?

Wpc2029 is a webpage where especially Philippians cockfighting lovers arrange the tournament and their cock fight each other. No doubt, owners also do a bet on cockfighting and earn money through this game. Is this only a game? Not, this is the part of gambling.

According to registered users, you can participate and earn money through this event. When a cockfighting tournament is organized then most people watch this tournament on wpc2029 or wpc2029. more ever they also invest money in the form of bets.

How to Register a new account in Wpc2029?

For registration, you have two options when you visit an official website. If you have already an account, then can log in through the given button. Otherwise, you have filled the all essential requirement to register a new account. Make sure you filled the all info mentioned in the WPC2029 register form.

If you want to register a new account in WPC2029 live without any error, you have to follow the instruction mentioned below:

  • Enter your “Username
  • Enter your “Password
  • Re-enter your Password for “Confirmation
  • Write the “First Name and Last Name
  • Enter the “Mobile Number and Facebook Profile Link
  • Set the “Date of Birth” and “Occupation
  • Enter the “Source of Income
  • Then click on “Register”.


Here are details for registration, visit an official website and enter the username and password, further re-enter the password for confirmation that you enter the same and correct password.

WPC2027 registration
WPC2029 registration

Enter the first and last name below you have to give the mobile number and Facebook Profile link or Name. After this, you have to enter the date of birth and occupation. At the end of this form, you have to enter the source of income. Keep in mind, there are three options for choosing the source of income:

  • Salary
  • Business
  • Other.

register in WPC2027
register in WPC2029

Note: Keep in mind, you can register if you are 21 years or more than 21 years old. And before clicking the register button, read the terms & conditions and privacy policy.

How to Reset Password?

Don’t worry if you forget the password of the WPC2029 live dashboard, you can reset it easily. Just you have a registered mobile number then you will be able to reset your password.

So keep in mind when you register for a new account, you must enter a valid mobile number. A valid mobile number will help to reset the password when you forget it.

What is the Wpc2029 live Dashboard?

WPC2029 live dashboard is an online platform that registers users who want to apply for the tournament and watch online cockfighting matches. When you get access to the WPC2029 live dashboard, you can get easily info related to upcoming events and tournaments.

Further, if you don’t want to use the WPC2029 Dashboard then you can follow them on social media platforms such as the Facebook page. The official team also shares info on an official social media account.

Final Words

Wpc2029 and wpc2029 is the same event where Philippians people are registered and organized the “cockfighting event” with the help of Wpit18. When you visit the, it will be redirected to the webpage.

This event is basically against nature, this game harm birds but Philippians organize this game for making a successful event. Hope so you don’t miss any info related to the this event and if you have more about WPC then share with us through the comment box.

FAQs about WPC2029

When did wpc2029 registration start?

WPC2029 registration was started on 3rd Feb 2021. Further, the domain is hosted on and LLC. And the main domain will expire on 3rd Feb 2026.

What is the basic purpose of wpc2027 and wpc2029?

WPC2029 works to arrange “Cockfighting” in a legal and registered way for Philippians people.