What is the 1.5 left hand? Effective handicap betting experience?

What is the 1.5 left hand? This is probably a question that many people ask when they first look at football bets. To learn more about this type of handicap, please refer to the mobile betting website.

Handicap 1.5 is, also known as 1 1/2, one and a half 1 1/2, 1.5 (one and a half) handicap, is a type of handicap that belongs to the Asian Handicap handicap. Players can find this handicap of 1.5 left on online football betting sites.

This type of bet has the feature that the team in the upper hand will handicap -1.5 left; The team in the lower bracket is given a +1.5 handicap before the match starts.

The result of the handicap 1

There will be cases when betting on football 1.5 left:

  • If the top team wins with a difference of two goals compared to the bottom team, if you choose the upper hand from the beginning, you will win. On the contrary, if you choose the bottom team, you will lose completely.
  • When you take a bet on one, and a half left and choose the top team, you will lose all your bets if the winning result is one goal apart. However, you will not lose money when placing bets on the bottom team.
  • If you bet on the bottom team to win, but the top team is the overall winner, you will lose completely.
  • If the score of two teams is tied, the person who chooses the upper door bet is considered to have lost all money. But if you bet on the bottom door, the amount will still be the same.

Effective 1.5 betting experience

Choose a time to bet

If you want to have stability and balance of the betting table or the match situation… Players need to make a bet at the time before the game starts, about 20 minutes.

Considering the actual situation of the match

We should find out information online about the objective and subjective assessments of the two teams in the match. Read information such as the members playing in the match, the football field, the weather, who is the home team…

Do not bet too much money for one bet

Although the 1.5 left handicap has a high prize value, it is also easy to trick players. Therefore, you need to determine the capital you want to spend; you should not continue to bet when you lose. Instead, look at the rest of the players and search for the experience; you will surely draw some tips.

Above are our shares about what is handicap 1.5 left, hope that readers have grasped useful information and knowledge.

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