Trending Highlights of Latest Cricket Matches!

Cricket is a vast field, and it takes extensive time and effort to understand it deeply. However, if you have any inclination toward this sport, things are easy for you. 

We have shortlisted some of the most trending and exclusive cricket highlights for you to gauge this unique sport with ease. So, what’s there to wait for? Let’s dive right into it. 

The Most Trending Highlights of Latest Cricket Matches! 

Let’s start with the updates of the 4th T20 match between India and the West Indies: India is 100 up. (Over 10 – 20). As Pant knocks a boundary through a short fine against a slower ball from Obed McCoy, India passes the 100-run mark. India has made 107/2 in 11 overs. Off-cutter functions as intended. The ball gripped and went more slowly toward the bat; thus, Hooda’s tremendous shot was mistimed. 

Hooda leaves 19 and travels to 21. Sanju Samson walks in. For India, 114/3 in 12 overs. As fielding in the deep, King wounds himself while Pant faces Hosein and turns around to score a magnificent boundary. He then defeats Holder once more, driving past cover this time. Fourteen overs, 132/3 runs for India. Samson pulls a length ball high over midwicket for a six with the bat.

The Indian batsman Pant reached out with his hands to swipe a wide ball from McCoy through point for a boundary. Pant is out on the very next ball after attempting to knock a six. As the pitch slows and the ball grips the surface, off-cutters and slower deliveries are incredibly effective for West Indies. India scored 146/4 in its 15 overs. 

India has 164/4 after 18 overs. Drakes, who gave up seven runs in the 17th over and six runs to Joseph in the 18th over, was successfully hit by a boundary by Samson. Fuller easily threw it over far for a huge six with help from McCoy and Axar. A second one is performed by Axar, this time with a modest leg-side incline. India scored 180/5 in 19 overs. Axar’s amazing boundary in the penultimate over enabled India to score 191/5, despite Drakes’ best efforts to keep India under 190.

West Indies vs. India 4th T20 Live Score: Chase starts (Over 1 – 10)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar introduces the proceedings for India. King and Mayers will be in charge of the West Indies. India is initially somewhat defensive. Mayers hit a third boundary in the over by edging one past a slip, and injured fielder Brandon King added two more. 191/5 to 0/14 in one over for the West Indies. Catch and strike! 

This appears to be the identical method used to reject Deepak Hooda. Avesh Khan achieves India’s first victory as King departs for 13 (8). West Indies (18/1 in 1.4 overs) against. India (191/5) Thomas mistimes his swing, and the ball, despite a solid length delivery and an outside off, sails exceptionally high in the air.

Hooda captures it with ease. He comes back and scores just one. India (191/5) is opposed. In 3.1 overs, West Indies were 22/2. After two quick dismissals, captain Pooran utterly decimates Axar in his first over. For three peaks and a crossbar, he strikes him. 

He is indignant at Mayers. India (191/5) vs. West Indies 49/3 in 5 overs. Mayers takes the bait and swings hard in the seventh over in an attempt to get a six when Axar bowls a great delivery that is his final one. But Hooda gets struck by the ball in the deep, making it impossible for him to cover the distance. Mayers makes 14 out of 16 attempts to score. 

West Indies scored 64/4 against India (191/5) in 7 overs. Ravi Bishnoi gets off to a solid start, allowing just three singles in his first over. West Indies scored 67/4 in 8 overs for India (191/5). Powell tried to clear the fence again after hitting two sixes against Axar. He attempted to do so but was unable to do so because of that juicy full toss, and Hooda once more intervened to stop him. 

West Indies scored 82/5 in 8.5 overs against India (191/5). Thanks to a careless attempt from Arshdeep in the deep, Holder blasted a six against Bishnoi over backward square leg and finished the over with a boundary. West Indies scored more than 100 runs. West Indies scored 100 runs from 11 overs against India (191/5).

Arshdeep Dismisses Holder in the Live Score of India vs. West Indies. (Over 11 – 20)

The WI all-rounder attempted to slice it early but instead sent the ball straight to the fielder at a deep point, fooling the Holder with Arshdeep’s slower delivery. He comes back for only 13 points off of 9, which puts the Windies six behind. West Indies 101/6 vs. India (191/5) in 11.2 overs. 

Only two singles were permitted in his third over, making it yet another clean over from Ravi Bishnoi. In Bhuvneshwar’s third over, just three singles were surrendered. West Indies needed to score 86 runs in the final six overs to win. When Bishnoi dismissed Hosein and Hetmyer in the same over, West Indies were only 8 down in their pursuit of 192.

West Indies needed to score 76 runs in the final five overs to win. With a great record of 4-0-17-2, Avesh Khan has made apologies. He had made several early discoveries that had helped India. Axar’s play was subpar despite his two strikes, as he finished with a score of 4-0-48-2. West Indies required 65 more runs in the final three overs. Drakes are eliminated by Arshdeep for just five, thanks to that immaculate yorker. WI is currently down nine. India needs one wicket to win the series. What a triumphant manner for Arshdeep to end his life! The perfect yorker McCoy was unable to reply to it. One hundred thirty-two innings later, West Indies too fell short. India triumphs by 59 runs and leads the series 3-1.

Wrapping Up

India defeated the West Indies by 59 runs in Florida. The highlights of any cricket match can be read online, exactly like we did when we first introduced this incredible game. Follow along with Live Score updates throughout the 4th T20I between India and the West Indies in Lauderhill, Florida. 

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