Poker Cheat Sheet : Top Strategies, Tips & Charts

Poker is a well known and beloved game among adults. Although the game originally began in the 18th century however over the last few decades, it has gained a lot of popularity. The game is played for fun among friends & family and also professionally by experienced players. In fact, there is a World Poker Tour that happens every year wherein hundred of players register to play poker at a professional level. Some people argue that the reason why poker is so famous is that it gives the player a tough challenge. While some say it simply is a game where the mind is required to be sharp and good at calculation. 

But if you are a beginner and have zero knowledge regarding Poker, you should try and search for a poker cheat sheet. These sheets are great for multiple reasons. They help you learn about more hands in poker, better moves, probabilities of hitting a hand or even being able to call out a bluff. Being able to such tales can help you avoid mistakes that can cost you money. Thus in this article, we tell you about the top strategies, tips & charts that can prove beneficial. 

Cheat Sheet: Strategies

Given below are the strategies that the poker cheat sheet tells you to follow. 

  • You should look out for ranges instead of hands. Try to fool your opponent by them a range of likely hands instead of an exact hand. 
  • Try to evaluate which player has the advantage in range. You should bet more often is the board displays a good range for you. 
  • Think before you bet. Think about what you could achieve from betting a certain way. What are you betting on, are you bluffing or wanting to deny your opponent of the equity. 
  • If you happen to be playing against tight and passive players, you should open with more hands than the standard charts. This is a great strategy cause these players do not tend to play 3bet as a bluff preflop or even later on. This makes it easy for you since you get to know where you stand and the chances of you making more money are high. 
  • If you are up against loose and solid players then it is better if you open with fewer hands. Since the players are loose you can easily cut down the weakest part from your range. They end up giving you the money by overplaying their own holdings. This ends up putting you at advantage by having strong hands over them. 

Tips from the cheat sheet 

If you follow the tips that are given in the cheat sheet then you have great chances of winning plenty and strong. 

  • You should find the most profitable games. That is because if you choose the correct table your game can be directly affected. Choosing the correct one can increase your winning rate dramatically. 
  • Be aware of your bankroll. Have a sufficient bankroll so that you outlive the games and not end up exhausting all your money. 
  • Before you enter a match understand its math. As you may already know Poker is a game of numbers thus understanding the math part of it will help you make better moves. 
  • Be aware of your position. Knowing your position plays a huge part in helping you choose hands. It also helps you understand when you should fold or even have a good understanding of how to adjust your play. 
  • Think about your move thoroughly. You should always take your time before making a firm decision. If you try to hurry you are more likely to mess up and lose. Taking your time helps you analyse all your profitable moves. 
  • If you happen to play online, use the software. By doing this you can take advantage of all available poker tools when playing online. 

Chart from the cheat sheet

The table given below shows you the ranking of the highest to lowest hands in poker. 

The Hand What the hand looks like
Royal flush The royal flush consists of A, K, Q, J and10 all of the same suit. 
Straight flush It consists of five cards of similar suit
Four of a kindThere are four cards of the same value or quads.
Full house It has three plus two cards of the same value
Flush There are five cards of a similar suit. 
Straight It consists of five cards in a sequential manner or runs. 
Three of kind The hand consists of three cards of the same value.
Two pairs In this two card sets have similar value
One pair In this, two same cards have the same value
High card You can win the game if you happen to have a high card that is either Ace or King.

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