In the case of odds in money line bets, it is about giving a figure that refers to a benefit of 100 dollars if you bet on the favorite or a stake of 100 dollars if we do it to the team that has less chances of winning. , the latter is called “underdog”.

The difference between the two means that the figures have a + or – sign depending on whether we bet on one or the other. Let’s imagine that we bet on the MLS and a bookmaker shows us this:

  • Portland Timbers-120
  • Seattle Sounders +110

Although it seems a bit strange to us, everything has an explanation, the negative sign only means that it is a favorite and that we must bet 120 dollars if we want to have a profit of 100 dollars if we hit.

The signs are what mark whether the team is a favorite or an underdog.

If we bet on the Sounders, the positive sign will tell us that the Seattle team is perceived by the public as an underdog, so our profit will be 110 dollars if we win a bet in which we have invested 100 dollars.

These data do not mean that we should play 100 dollars every time we bet, we can invest the money we want and what we win will be proportional to that amount. For many, this way of referring directly to stake and profit is much more intuitive when it comes to understanding how the market is doing.

Compared to the decimal odds we use in Europe.

The good thing is that we refer to how much money we are going to win or lose without having to carry out any mathematical calculation to know the benefit we will obtain.

How do you go from money line odds to decimal odds? and vice versa?

It is not difficult to calculate the value of decimal betting odds based on money line odds. When we pass from the American to the European system, a little mathematics must be resorted to .Odds on money line odds

As you have seen, the calculation of the probabilities ends up being easier than expected. The implicit probability is the inverse of the decimal quota multiplied by one hundred if we want to know the value in percentage.

We must be aware that with the money line method,

 we have no other option than to resort to the decimal system to have it clearer. Something that not only happens in this world, but also happens with the Anglo-Saxon system of units, which has a series of particular differences with respect to the one we use.For many, the betting money line, although it is not the only option in sports betting, is the easiest to understand and to place on new bettors. We must be careful, since sometimes the bookmakers tend to change these betting odds, and it may be the case that a part of the public believes that other teams are the favorites based on the last game they played.

The perception of the public is what is going to differentiate the lines, not the possible results of the games. If you play blind and bet on the favorites you must be careful, as it can lead to bankruptcy quickly. The world’s bookmakers know this perfectly and that is why they are highly profitable companies.

In case you are new to epl중계 betting, money line betting is a good place to start betting while learning other types of betting. It doesn’t require much knowledge and will keep you entertained while learning other basics.

Having a solid understanding of the money line and how it is calculated will give you an advantage when deciding where to place your next bet.

The strategy when defining the bets avoids us having to carry the calculator everywhere to know how much we should invest or the amount we can win, something that greatly simplifies our work. When establishing the implicit probability, it forces us to go through the decimal values.


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