Jeet11: Case Study, Company Profile, Founding Team, and Many More

Everybody from a kid to a grown-up loves to mess around as per their inclinations. We can play without anyone else or structure a group with outsiders from one side of the planet to the other. Because of the continuous pandemic circumstance, everybody is strongly confined inside their homes. So everybody is tracking down ways of sitting back and keep themselves locked in. Some enjoy found their new side interests, for example, cooking, composing verse, drawing representations, or playing dream games. In This Article, We Will talk about the jeet11 dream cricket application as of late sent off by Sharechat. This is a new application so you get an opportunity to bring in cash from this new jeet11 dream cricket application without any problem. We as a whole ability intense to win from Fantasy Prediction. In any case, what we have seen through the most recent few years, we can win and bring in cash from this recently sent off application jeet11 without any problem.

Fantasy sports are an excellent destination for all those who love to play all outdoor sports. It is a virtual platform where many sports enthusiasts can enhance their leadership & competitive spirits, make new friends, and earn real monetary rewards. Some of the popular fantasy games ruling the market include Dream11My11Circle11WicketsHualapaiBalleBaazi, and NostraPro. Today I am going to introduce one more popular fantasy game to you that is Jeet11.


Jeet11 is a new fantasy game platform that came into existence in 2015 through the joint efforts of Farid AhsanBhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva. On realizing the increasing popularity of fantasy sports in India, Share Chat decided to launch its fantasy game app named Jeet11.

It is a gaming app that is owned and operated by Mohalla Tech Private Limited and has over 1 lakh+ download & more than 120K verified users. The app is available in more than 13 local languages along with English that is frequently spoken all over India such as Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Rajasthani, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Here the players can enjoy various games like Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi along with exciting quizzes and contests.


The gaming app has secured its place in the fantasy sports world due to some of its distinctive features that are as follows:-

  • Access to the gaming platform without downloading the application.
  • There is no need for KYC verification before enjoying the game.
  • Players can form their unique fantasy cricket team according to the number of users currently online.
  • It allows creating a team according to the performance of the players in the live matches.
  • Players can create a team with a maximum of 11 players, which gives a feel of playing a real game on the ground.
  • Users get Rs. 10 as a sign-up bonus which they can utilize in any of their contests.
  • Every bonus that the players earn after winning the match, contest, or quiz gets transferred automatically to their PayTM Wallets.
  • The players can quickly redeem the rewards and transfer them to their bank accounts.
  • The users also get Rs. 100 if anyone registered on the Jeet11 App using their referral code and an Immunity Card on every 1st & 3rd referral.


The interface is of the Jeet11 App is user-friendly, easy to access, and similar to all the fantasy sports apps available in the market. Users can access this gaming platform by visiting their website here or download the application from Google Play Store. The app is compatible with android phones only and is not available in IOS AppStore as of now.

Some of the steps which every user must follow before playing any tournament in this game are as follows:-

  1. Click on the Jeet11 website ( to open or install the jeet11 App from the Play Store.
  2. Select the language in which you wish to view the content in the app.
  3. You will see a home page of the gaming platform divided into three sections at the top (Cricket, Football, & Games), along with the Sign-in Button on the top right corner.
  4.  The next step is to click on the sign-in button, enter your name, mobile number, OTP, along with the referral code (if any).
  5. Now you can see your dashboard with a sign-up balance of Rs. 10, Match History, Refer & Earn, Premium Membership, Language, Created Contests, Playing Instructions, Rewards, Suggestion Box, and Logout option.


Once you have successfully registered yourself on the Jeet11 gaming platform, you are all set to play your first match. Steps that you need to follow to begin are:-

  1. Click on any game you wish to play between Cricket and Football and select the match from the list below.
  2. You may play a free match by joining any ongoing contest, according to the entry fees that you have in the wallet.
  3. Select your team players according to the number of players allowed in the game and click submit.
  4. Make sure that you form a powerful team after carefully analyzing the game rules and by using few credit points.
  5. Once you have decided the players for your team, you will have to nominate a Captain & a Vice-Captain from the selected player list.
  6. If you win the game, then the points earned by your captain will be 2 times the points earned & points of the vice-captain will become 1.5 times.
  7. All the points collectively earned by your team get instantly converted into real money and are added to your Jeet11 wallet. Users can easily withdraw the money earned by linking their bank account with the app.
  8. All the players can add or withdraw a maximum of Rs. 10,000/- without providing any official document. But if the amount exceeds Rs. 10,000/- then the user will have to submit a copy of the KYC including PAN Card and other necessary bank account details.

Jeet11 Overview:

Jeet11.Com Overview 
App NameJeet11
App Type Private
Launched bySharechat
APK Size20MB
Category/NicheFantasy Gaming App
FoundersFarid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva
Parent CompanyMohalla Tech Private Limited
Custome Care detail[email protected]

Jeet11 Overview

How To Play On Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App?

To Play a paid contest in the jeet11 fantasy cricket app, you have to join any contest whichever you like. But before joining just take a look at your account that how much bonus you have. So join any contest in which the entry fee is equal to or lower than your sign-up bonus. After Joining you have to create your team. So try to join any contest after the toss. So that you know the exact playing 11. To create your own team you have to select one or two wicket-keeper. 5-6 Batsmen, 2-3 All Rounders, and 4-5 Bowlers.

You can select a maximum of 7 players from one team. After joining you have to wait until the game is not over. After the match is over, check your account. If you won, you have a message about it. Also, you can see it on your account. If you won then your winning amount will reflect your account winning section 2-3 hours later.

I know you all must be wondering if it is safe to link your bank account with the gaming app or not. Well, the answer is yes, it is safe. Jeet11 abides by the rules and regulations set by the Supreme Court of India and has been classified as a “Game of Skill”. It is also different from a gambling activity because the game involves knowledge, skill, and sports experience to play the game.

Jeet11 App also asks for confirmation from the users during the sign-up process whether they belong to the fantasy sports restriction states or not. It is because the government of some states like Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Telangana, and Arunachal Pradesh has imposed a ban on all fantasy sports applications.

Apart from this, the users are free to delete their profile, gaming account, and restrict all promotional communication of the app at any time. The gaming platform is secured as it has a unique password and username that can be accessible only by the user.

The users can also get in touch with them via mail id [email protected] or visit their office in Bangalore between 10 AM to 1 PM. They value their customers a lot and promise to solve any issues or complaints before 30 days.

How To Create Fantasy Cricket Team on Jeet11? :

  • Select any of the upcoming matches or tournaments from Dashboard.
  • Pick any of the Game from ongoing tournaments you want to play.
  • You will able to see the full players list on next step.
  • Create your Team within the limit of 100 Credits for each team.
  • Each player will be charged as certain credits will be mentioned near by the name of the player.
  • Select one captain and one vice captain from your Fantasy Team.
  • Captain will get 2X Points scored by him in the actual game.
  • Vice Captain will get 1.5X Points scored by him in the actual game.
  • Submit your Team at Last.
  • Keep checking your rank as per your points in the actual game. Happy Earnings!!


Dream11 is a leading fantasy sports company co-founded by Harsh Jain & Bhavit Sheth that came into existence in 2008. Currently, it had more than 100 million+ registered users and is also the first gaming application to enter the Unicorn Club. Jeet11 on the other hand is a growing fantasy sports app established in 2015 having 120K registered users to date.

In the JEET11 platform, users can play only limited games like Cricket & Football as of now. Dream11 app, on the other hand, allows users to play various games such as Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, Baseball, Kabaddi, Basketball, Cricket, and Football. One thing which distinguishes Jeet11 from Dream11 is that it is compulsory to provide PAN verification and pay certain fees to participate in any contest. On the other hand, in the JEET11 App users can use their credit points to play and there is no compulsory KYC verification. In the coming years, the JEET11 fantasy sports app is likely to be strong competition for Dream11.See also  PCB Manufacturing Process

In today’s technological world everyone is addicted to their mobile phones and is living in their world. Now – a – days there are a lot of new and innovative apps coming into the market that is making our lives convenient. Similarly, there are also numerous fantasy sports applications existing in Play Store and App Store for all game enthusiasts.

after reading and analyzing the pros and cons of all the popular fantasy games, I believe that Jeet11 is the most user–friendly, safe, secure, legal, and restriction-free gaming platform among the existing competitors. I would also like to advise the players to play it as a game as it is an addictive game and also involves financial risks. So, Play Safe & Stay Safe.

Jeet11 Faq’s

Is Jeet11 an India App ?

Yes Jeet11 is an India App. Jeet11 is a new fantasy game platform that came into existence in 2015 through the joint efforts of Farid AhsanBhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva. On realizing the increasing popularity of fantasy sports in India, Share Chat decided to launch its fantasy game app named Jeet11.

Who is the Founder of Jeet11?

Farid AhsanBhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva are the Founders of Jeet11 and the Parent Company Name is Share Chat.

Who is the Main Competitor of Jeet11?

Dream11 is the Main Competitor of Jeet11.

Is Jeet11 Safe?

Yes, Jeet11 is Completely Safe to play.

Is Jeet11 Legal in India?

Yes, Jeet11 is Legal in India.

Can we earn Money through Jeet11?

Yes. You can participate in Jeet11 Quiz and Earn More cash in your Bank or in PayTM Cash. You can play Free Quiz for the trials.

What is the Jeet11 App Customer Care Number Details?

Jeet11 Contact Email Address: [email protected]

What is Jeet11?

Jeet11 is a new fantasy game platform that came into existence in 2015 through the joint efforts of Farid AhsanBhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva. On realizing the increasing popularity of fantasy sports in India, Share Chat decided to launch its fantasy game app named Jeet11.

What is Jeet11 account?

You can earn unlimited free Paytm cash from Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket Application. You can earn money from Jeet 11 App by Playing a paid contest, Referring others etc. To Join a paid contest on Jeet 11 app is as same as another app like My11Circle.

Which all are the competitors or alternatives of Jeet11?

Dream11 and Mobile Premier League (MPL) is the competitors or alternatives of Jeet11.

Which is the parent company of Jeet11?

Mohalla Tech Private Limited is the parent company of Jeet11.

How to earn money from Jeet11?

You can earn money from Jeet 11 App by Playing a paid contest, Referring others etc. To Join a paid contest on Jeet 11 app is as same as another app like My11Circle. If you don’t know how can join a fantasy cricket app and earn money, then don’t worry

How to download Jeet11 app?

You can download Jeet11 app by clicking on the Jeet11 website ( to open or install the jeet11 App from the Play Store.

Which is the best app between Jeet11 and Dream11?

Jeet11 and Dream11 both the apps are good and useful.

Conclusion :

So these are the Complete Explanation About Jeet11, We listed Jeet11 Founders’ details, Their Origin, What is Jeet11, How to play jeet11, and Download Jeet 11. Hope you Liked our Article. Keep on Commenting on our Articles so that We can improve our Content continuously.

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