Decades ago, it was quite difficult for women to open up about the difficulties associated with menstruation in society since they were considered as personal affairs, or there was a significant shortage of suitable resources where others could check this up. Thankfully, the internet has alleviated that difficulty, allowing people to check up on crucial information and procedures from the comfort of their own homes. Even physicians and health websites provide free internet advice on what sort of period underwear to buy or the many types of difficulties that might occur during a monthly cycle.

With the availability of such materials, the community is more open about these issues nowadays, and many of Australia’s young adults are also well-informed about them. Furthermore, the Australian government is looking for methods to increase the availability of such resources for women across the country, therefore eliminating what women empowerment organisations usually refer to as “period poverty.” Although periods are a little uncomfortable to go through, they may also be a little intimidating, especially for those who are just getting started. Not to mention the hormonal fluctuations that might occur before or after menstruation. This article emphasises the steps that must be taken to make the experience more comfortable.

The First Priority Is Self-Care

A shift in emotions is a regular occurrence connected with a cycle, and there is nothing wrong with it. Self-care can significantly lessen the impact of such changes and even enhance hormones to promote good mood and relaxation. Always remember to consume the correct food to complete the first step toward self-care. Why? Since hormonal changes after a cycle might trigger sugar cravings, one may find oneself snacking on bagels, chocolates, or cookies. Sugary foods should be avoided, according to health experts, since they can cause hormones to go wild, causing hormonal levels to drop. Drink plenty of water instead, and consume foods high in fibre, healthy fats, and protein. Vitamin and iron-rich foods can also be included in the diet, as menstrual periods diminish their levels in the body.

Maintaining a Regular Exercise Routine 

While some women may think that being active during their periods is never a good idea, many physicians disagree. Although one should not overdo these exercises, executing them at a slower speed might be just as useful. Yoga is another fantastic approach to keep the body moving while also helping to lower the stress levels that come with the cycle. A good workout can lower oestrogen and progesterone levels in the body, resulting in increased energy and endorphins, which improve mood.

Anticipating the Unexpected 

Although some women’s cycles are constant, others might vary by a day or two, so it’s best to be prepared ahead of time. A good quality period underwear can assist since it eliminates the need for tampons and pads while still being ecologically friendly. Other items that people may look at that successfully control leaks during the early days of their periods are tampons, pads and panty liners. The key lesson here is to stock up on all the necessities so that you don’t have to scrounge for supplies when the time comes.

Reducing Pain

During cramps, a hot shower or bath may do wonders for reducing pain. A heating pad is another alternative that can help relax the muscles and lessen discomfort. Don’t forget to limit your caffeine, alcoholic beverages, and cigarette use during the cycle.


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