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Pakistan has made significant progress in terms of awareness and education. Rural communities continue to lack access to fundamental educational resources. The path to consciousness and enlightenment is through education. The majority of Pakistan’s population lacks fundamental knowledge and adheres to superstitions as a result of a lack of basic and high-quality education.

Many misunderstandings are caused by ignorance and superstition. In our nation, there are many widespread myths about mental health. People in Pakistan had a difficult time accepting the reality of mental health issues and their importance on par with physical health. Actually, everything is related. When you stop caring, for one thing, it will begin to impact the other—the human body functions in this manner.

What is mental health?

Our mental health includes all aspects of our physical, psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It affects our attitudes, feelings, and actions. It also affects our decision-making, social interactions, and reaction to stress. From childhood to adulthood, every stage of life is essential for maintaining mental health.

Why is it important to take care of mental health?

Throughout your life, you go through a lot of stages. As you grow older and become mature, you go through various emotions. These encounters all leave their stamp on your thoughts and mental state. It’s crucial to look after your mental health if you want to lead a good and calm life.

Every hospital in Pakistan has a psychologist on staff to provide mental health care. When you become ill, let’s say you have the flu or a fever, you take medication for it and, if it worsens, you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Otherwise, your entire life and routine will be affected. Similar to this, your mental health needs care and attention, and if it worsens, it also requires expert assistance and therapy.

You won’t be able to do even your daily tasks if you don’t feel mentally sound and healthy.  And you will struggle to complete simple tasks, which will impair your working efficiency and socialisation motivation. You stop doing the activities you once enjoyed and stop going out and seeing your friends. It can be incredibly overwhelming to meet people when you have a mental illness.

How good mental health is to benefit you?

Your life can be significantly easier if you have steady mental health. Sometimes, the majority of your issues are wholly preventable. When you’re not thinking clearly, a tiny issue seems enormous. Consequently, taking control of your mental health can actually contribute to a happy and healthy existence. Taking care of your mental health also has the following advantages:

  •         Our spirits are raised
  •         Our fears are reduced
  •         Our inner peace is increased
  •         Our degree of clarity is increased
  •         Our connections are strengthened
  •         Our sense of self is strengthened

Spring Clinic

Multan’s Spring Clinic is a mental health facility and an initiative of the best hospital in Pakistan, Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital. People can overcome their psychological and emotional issues with the help of spring clinics. They have a highly qualified staff of psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists who first determine the issue before treating the patients in line with their needs and circumstances. They are qualified to determine the root cause of a person’s problem. The Spring Clinic is the place to go if you want to get the best psychiatrist in Multan.

People may find it difficult to pinpoint their top worries because they feel powerless and unable to control their thoughts and feelings. Currently, a specialist’s aid is available. Because of the way psychologists speak to their clients, people feel comfortable discussing their thoughts and feelings with them. They provide a safe space for people to vent all of their frustrations.

Spreading awareness about mental health

By making a concerted effort to increase awareness of these issues, we might try to lessen the stigma associated with mental health issues in our society. Because this entire situation still carries a stigma, as we all know. Even though awareness has been raised and services for mental health have been provided, there is still a major lack of awareness among the general public. By having those painful talks and acknowledging that there is an issue, we can come up with a solution. We can begin to eliminate the stigma and apprehension that are frequently associated with conversations about mental health. You may encourage individuals to ask for help when they need it by doing this. To receive expert assistance, they can go to a hospital in Pakistan like Mukhtar A. Sheikh which is the best hospital in Multan.

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