Tips and tricks for cleaning the air conditioning system in your car

Like the warmer temperatures persist, and the sweltering heat smashes you on the head every day, perspiration falls from your brow, and you realize it’s necessary to switch on the air conditioner and enjoy the explosion of cool air entering the car. Like any other automobile part, a car air conditioner does not operate just on goodwill. Air conditioner upkeep, service, and even cleansing is required periodically to identify that it generates the chilled air that we crave after a warm summer week. You must know that the car dryclean in Gurgaon should include car AC cleaning and repairing whenever required. 

When the very hot months of May and June are upon us, the value of the car’s air conditioners increases exponentially. It may be a disaster if your car’s AC is damaged, out of work, and broken down, particularly in India. 

The situation is infamous for its fire of hell in the summertime. The heat within the car interior might reach up to 48 degrees Centigrade, and nobody can tolerate having their air-conditioner turned off on such a warm journey. 

Keeping your car’s ac unit in excellent shape will make keeping comfortable throughout the warmer months considerably smoother. Furthermore, if people follow the plan to conduct AC servicing routinely, your vehicle’s air conditioner will run all year smoothly.

Among the most elementary yet crucial suggestions is to use the AC settings as carefully as possible to prevent any breakage that could cause the AC to stop working. Hence, why wait for your AC to become irreparable and perform Car AC cleaning by using Top 10 Cleaning hacks for Your car’s air conditioning system.

Maintain the Cleanliness of The Vehicle’s Interior.

Sediment, grime, and other debris might obstruct the AC’s ability to function correctly. As a result, you should frequently vacuum your car’s rugs, floors, seats, and upholstery. 

Do not take a chance neglecting strange noises emanating from the compressor. These sounds could raise a red flag with the driving shaft, cooling fluid infiltrating the compressor outlet, slippage of fastening screws that hold AC components, temperature leveling, or even grip deterioration. 

Every one of these difficulties with your ac system is worrisome, regardless they indicate repairs and maintenance, and you must contact your closest car, Ac cleaning instantly. Get advice from Car Dry Cleaning in Gurgaon and car AC repair experts.   

Use Recirculating Function as Much as Feasible

When matched to the fresh air option, running the air conditioner in recirculation boosts performance because the air-conditioner operates faster and more effectively. Likewise, this setting prevents unclean air or an undesirable odor from entering externally. It is preferable to use the recirculation option over clean air mode in the summertime even though it is quite grimy outdoors. One must understand that a clean car AC system is essential to run smoothly and keep you cool in boiling summertime. 

Park in a Covered Area

If you keep your car in the sunlight for an extended period, the cabin can become exceptionally hot. As a result, the car’s air-con may function more than its capacity to create a balanced temperature cooling. It’s appropriate to park in the shadow or attach solar guards.

Clean the Air Filter and Condenser Thoroughly.

An obstruction in air filters and AC condensers that restricts air circulation across air cooling is one of the most common problems. As a result, rinse the condenser properly with water at least once a week. It will not only serve to clean debris from otherwise untouchable parts, but it will also contribute to the preservation of better conditioning, thereby easing you throughout the heating atmosphere.

Clean the Vents

Cleaning the vents is not a simple process. It’s challenging to get to the interior areas of the vents, in which grit, dirt, and rubbles gather because of small gaps in the vent. Many vent screens are detachable, allowing you to pull the flap out and thoroughly cleanse the duct and the backside space. 

If the vents aren’t wiped for an extended time, mildew in the air-con can create breathing problems or lung ailments. It can also trigger insomnia, migraines, a blocked nose or cough, adverse reactions, and infectious diseases.

Ensure That the Cabin Filter Is Clean.

Cleansing the cabin filter might be complicated because it fluctuates from car to car. It is typically found behind the center console. Remember to take everything out of the center console. Every screw that joins the container to the display should be uninstalled. Gently detach it to gain entrance to the cabin filter.

Remove the cabin filtration and vacuum it with an air compressor to remove any particles. Verify that it is sanitized before reaching down.

When you turn on the air conditioner in your car, bacteria, viruses and yeast will grow and develop an unbearable smell. The air conditioner and other materials in a vehicle can act as breeding grounds for dozens of different types of bacteria. 

Cleaning the Fans

Check whether the fans in your vehicle’s AC are in good condition. Sometimes dirt accumulated in the fan can block cool air from blowing into the entire car cabin. If you find the fan is dirty, you need to dismantle it and clean it thoroughly. However, if fans are not washable, replacing them with a new one is a good choice. 

Condenser Sprayed

Washing the condenser is another difficult process during the car’s air conditioner cleaning. It’s a fiber element found directly behind the backside of the front fireguard. In many vehicles, without uninstalling the bumper, you cannot reach the condenser. After reaching the condenser, you only need to clean it through a sprayer or standardized cleaning agents.

Maintenance By a Professional Is Required on Periodic Intervals

If you let a car AC specialist inspect inside the engine, they can readily discover AC faults and rectify them before they inflict severe destruction to the whole system.

Always try not to neglect strange or unexpected noises buzzing from the compressor. These sounds can signify defects in the central shaft, refrigerant vapor accessing the compressor interface, weakening of the attachment screws that bind the AC components connected, compression balancing, or even clutch degradation. Every one of these troubles with the AC is frightening. They must need replacement and reparation for whatever is suitable. 


So, it is clear that you must not overlook or delay cleaning the car AC. Symptoms like foul odor, unusual noises, and hot air blowing from the AC show that it requires service. Follow the above steps, and you will be able to clean the car AC by yourself easily.

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